Union Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah reviews central schemes in his parliamentary constituency Gandhinagar District

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Shri Amitbhai Shah today held a review meeting for various Central Sector Schemes in his parliamentary constituency of

Gandhinagar District. He obtained minute details of the progress in various schemes by way of department wise presentations.

In presence of the MLAs of the constituency he as chairmen of the review committee under “DISHA” directed the officials to achieve the given targets and ensure that benefits reach to the poorest of the poor.

He said that Ujjwalla Yojana benefits should reach to each and every family by 31 October, 2019. The district Collector Shri S. K. Langha assured the Minister that the targets will be achieved before that in respect of Ujjwalla Yojana and the scheme “Nal Se Jal”.

Union Home Minister told health officers to ensure that poor beneficiary of Ayushyaman Bharat Scheme gets hospital facilities within 15 kms radius of his residence.

Shri Amitbhai Shah also directed the district officials that no house should remain without electricity connection in the district. Another member of

Parliament Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel was also present in the meeting.


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