Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan urges Odisha Government to reduce taxes on fuel

Bhubaneswar: Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday suggested that the Odisha Government reduce taxes on fuel in order to bring its prices under control across the State.

Pradhan said, “Many States have reduced taxes on fuel and the Odisha Government should follow in their footsteps.”

“If the rate of crude oil increases in international market, the States actually get the benefit. In 2014, the Odisha Government was collecting less than Rs 3,000 crore tax from fuel and now it has increased to Rs 7,000 crore. Therefore, the State should cut the tax on fuel,” Pradhan added.

In reaction to Pradhan’s suggestion, State Finance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera said, “The base price of fuel is controlled by the Centre. Apart from excise tax, the Centre is collecting three other taxes. Therefore, the Centre should consider reducing the tax on fuel first before asking the State to do so.