UAIL professes to invest on Earth on the eve of World Environment Day

Report by Badal Tah, Rayagada: In it’s continuous endeavor towards protecting and preserving the mother earth, world environment day was observed at Utkal Alumina International Limited(UAIL), a subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited of Aditya Alumina at it’s Oshapada Township through Mass Planation Drive and at various places of its periphery.

As a unique initiative, few patches has been developed under Coffee Planation by UAIL. Employees of UAIL and their family members took part in this plantation drive by planting around 600 coffee plants. Till date 7200 Silver Oak along with 1420 coffee plantation has been developed at UAIL Oshapada Township premises.

To bring back the forest back in the bald hills, an orientation and practical demonstration of seed ball preparation has been organized at different villages on this occasion. Seed balls were prepared through natural ingredients like local seeds, cow dung, cow urine, termite soil and broadcasted on the barren hills for regenerating forest. Children, women, elderly people took part in this program with enthusiasm.

The unit head of Utkal Alumina, Mr. Mazhar Beig, mentioned that we all are blessed with a divine nature; so let’s create, re-imagine and restore our ecosystem. He emphasized on the commitment of Utkal Alumina towards the protection and preservation of the mother earth.

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