How to Turn Boring Chapters to Interesting

Reading should always be a pleasant experience. Students can end up dedicating 5 to 6 hours each day to the task of reading. Whether it is a school student or an MBA student, there are times when the chapters they are required to study may seem utterly boring. However, in such cases, the student has no option other than to read it by hook or crook. This lack of interest can cause students to lose focus on the task of studying resulting in poor retention, concentration, and slow reading speeds. Luckily there are some things these students can do turn boring chapters to interesting. To know more, read the following tips.

  1. Finding Supplementary Material

Sometimes the information students read is not presented in a way that is aligned with their learning styles and personal interests. To overcome this issue, students can look up for the same information on YouTube in either a lecture, video or documentary format. Moreover, students can even find the same information presented by different authors or bloggers online. Sometimes, finding the supplementary material is all that students need to do to make boring stuff a lot easier. Universities like BML Munjal University offer great study material, which helps make studying an easy task.

  1. Scanning Before Reading

Information is generally offered in the form of bullet points, headings, and lists because the author wants students to put particular attention on those topics. It has been observed that it is comparatively more comfortable to read information when students read it the second time. The reason being that the first time they read it, they calibrate their brain to the information. Scanning the information before reading it thoroughly creates less internal resistance in the brain. Less internal resistance allows students to better focus on understanding the boring material.

  1. Using Hand or Pen While Reading

Our eyes fixate on objects which are moving, and by using a pen or a finger while reading, we bring focus to the chore. This is a great benefit as it helps us to understand us faster. By merely guiding our eyes with a pen or a finger, we are more likely to stay attentive to the boring study material with minimal distraction.

  1. Taking Breaks

Most individuals can only remain focused on a chore for about 50 minutes. For some of them, it is a lot less. Staying focused requires the brain to work permanently hard. Therefore, it is crucial for students to take a quick 10-minute break after every 50 minutes. Studying dull material not only requires our mental processes for focus, but it also needs additional mental operations to keep the students motivated. This is a vital tip for students preparing for MBA admission and other entrance exams.

  1. Review the Content

Reading boring chapters is a flavourless experience. It’s similar to eating food without any seasoning. The core reason why students read is to retain and comprehend information. Students can spice up their reading by reviewing the chapters in creative ways. They can read the notes out loud, draw images or create a mind map. The more engaged the different parts of the brain become, the easier it gets to grasp boring chapters.

  1. Find A Study Partner

At times, hearing another perspective from a friend or classmate can make a dull topic come to life. Students should try finding a study partner who is positive and creative. It’s best to find a partner who does not only motivate a student to get through the reading material but also holds them accountable.

It’s important to keep in mind that the trick to studying boring chapters is to find creative ways to approach it. Also, if a student keeps their mind and body busy as they study, they will be less likely to get distracted and bored while they are preparing for entrance exams to get MBA admission in a good university.

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