Tribal Women’s Convention on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition  for KBK region held at Koraput


Koraput:  Mr. Ragalal Jamuda, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, Orissa Food  Commission, hear the women issues and share about different provisions for tribal women relating to the Right to Food at Koraput.   Attending as the Chief guest in the tribal convention organized by Agragamee, at  Tribal Musueum, Koraput from December 10th to 12th December.   He spoke that if the Forest Right Act properly implemented in Orissa, the issues and situation on Agriculture, food, nutrition may be changed.  He also shared about different provision of Food Security Act and govt provision for the backward and underprivileged group and for women members.  Mr.  S.P.Thakur, IAS, Chief Administrator, KBK (LTAP ) also hear the issues of women directly from the participants.  Among others attending as the chief Guest in inaugural session, Mr. Anupam Shah, Collector, Koraput shared this women convention will be  more relevant  for the tribal area of Odisha.  , Mr. Godadhar Parida, also discuss about different issues of women farmer of tribal region of Odisha. He thanks to the tribal women farmer who use only organic manure in the field for agriculture and preservation of seeds for the next year for farming.. Among others, different  government officials of Agriculture and horticulture department also present and share about different govt schemes on organic farming for the benefit of the tribal women farmers and self-help groups..Agragamee, Kashipur organize  women’s convention on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition at Tribal Museum,  Koraput on which around 300 women farmers from 10 districts and tribal leaders, NGO personals, government officials, elected representative participated in the three day convention.  During the convention discussion on womens issues, Natural farming,  Eco-Village Development, Identification of  Local Seeds and their preservation. seeds sovereignty, Issues on Women related to  Natural Resource Management:, Women and Issues on Food and Nutrition, Eco-Village development were discussed by the panelist and participants during different sessions  . It was shared that due to involvement of women members in agriculture, the suicide case in the tribal area is very low. Mr. Achyut Das, Director, Agragamee sharing the main objective of the workshop is to discusses  different issues of tribal women related to agriculture, food and nutrition. He shared that though the women member has take so much responsibilities in day to day life, but they have power both in home and outside.  He emphasis that this is the high time to need unit among the women to strengthen to fight for their issues.  Among others Jamunalal Bazaz Awardee  Mrs. Vidhya Das, Mrs.Puspanjali Sathapathy  , Eminent Tribal activists Sumani Jhodia, Mrs. Luna Panda, social activists also spoke on different sessions. Mrs. Sumani Jhodia demands that all the property documents should be named in both female and male members. She shared that if the pattas  issues in the name of women members, the social status of the women members will be improved.  Inspite of forecast of   heavy rain and low pressure in the south part of Orissa, large number of  women participated in the three days conference which was organized .