Trending themes for Living Room Decoration

The living room is a special spot in your home where happiness spreads with evening tea and endless talks. Be it your guests, friends, or family members everyone will accompany you in chit chats in your living area. As such, the living room is one of the favorite spots in your home. And when to living room decor, there are several themes to inspire a makeover. So if you are searching for types of living room themes, make this article your first-hand guide.

Most Popular Living Room Themes 

  1. Contemporary:

Overtly minimal and simple, contemporary style is hugely popular among the masses. Every modern homeowner today prefers going for the contemporary style. This theme lends a modern touch to your living room. Some of the elements that define contemporary décor are exquisite vases, timeless art pieces, elegant lamps, and stylish furniture. 

  1. Country:

The country room theme is based on vintage design rooms. With simple striped or lined walls and soft color shades like cream and white, this theme exudes casual elegance. Plus, country-themed living rooms have ordinary shelves. Thus, to relish the country charm you don’t need to live in a barn. 

  1. Asian: 

The Asian theme is one of the most unique styles. It is calm and soothing. Plus, it includes too much use of bronze and gold color hues to lend your living room an artistic feel. This theme depicts both the Indian and Chinese art pieces. Some highlighting elements of Asian themes are Orchids, low-level living room and bed furniture, floral motifs, and gorgeous lamps. 

  1. Industrial: 

The industrial style lends your living room a more natural appearance. It takes inspiration from the lofty look of factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures. Some of the important characteristics of industrial design include exposed brick walls, wooden cabins, and TV showcase, metal screen railing, and practical materials like plumbing pipes. 

  1. Rustic: 

The Rustic style is inspired by rugged, natural beauty. It includes simple and earthy colors, nature-inspired textures, and warm interiors. Some of the hallmarks of Rustic style are animal wallpapers, jungle-based look with plants, and dark color hues for an exotic appeal. 

  1. Eccentric: 

The Eccentric style includes the use of bright shades such as red, orange, brown, and blue. The living rooms based on eccentric style have patterned walls and floorings. Additionally, they have beautifully shaped furniture and fixtures that boast an elegant look. 

  1. Scandinavian: 

The Scandinavian style takes cues from organic patterns. This minimalism inspired living room theme presents a subtle blend of simplicity and functionality. These types of living rooms have antique-style furniture, fixtures, and artistic interiors.  

The last one is the Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean themed living rooms sport a beach-like look. They have tiled floors, rustic colorful wallpapers, and pine wood furniture. Thus, there is a touch of nature in each element of this style.

 Hence, there are innumerous living room themes. You can select any as per your taste and preference. 

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