Trending eCommerce Trends Of 2021 For Online Businesses

eCommerce has become a huge business sector to earn money. When the country was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, many retail stores were forced to shut down. However, during the same time many eCommerce companies survived. Here is a list of the emerging eCommerce trends that one needs to take care of in 2021. 

1. One-Time Buyers 

During the pandemic, a massive shift towards eCommerce was seen. Even though it brings with itself good news, it needs to be noted that it has its own set of problems and such problems include one-time buyers. These are the buyers which the online company managed to attract only once but failed to retain for future transactions. To solve this problem, it becomes important for the eCommerce companies to become fiercer. 

2. Online Selling Is Getting Bigger

One of the most popular online activities includes online selling. The reason behind it includes the comfort that online shopping provides which allows a customer to shop right from home and get the products delivered by the company itself with courier services like VRL and TCS right at the doorstep. In addition to that, many online businesses also offer refunds and returns if the customer does not like the product. Also, due to COVID, many people are avoiding stepping outside and the products delivered at home. 

3. Customized Packing

The packing of the products by a business is said to be a direct reflection of their brand. A nice looking delivered package improves the chances that the customer will make the purchase again. Furthermore, unique packaging excites the customer. Therefore, it is essential that the online sellers need to work not only to improve the packaging but also to customize it. Few things that one should consider while offering to the package include that they are environment-friendly, durable and are aesthetically pleasing. 

4.  Rise Of Mobile Shopping

Another emerging trend of eCommerce is mobile shopping. It is expected that by the end of this year mobile shopping will increase by 15% and this will bring 73% of the eCommerce sales right from mobile phones. It is therefore important for the company to ensure that its apps and websites are optimized to become mobile-friendly. 

5. Personalizing Customer Interaction 

There are multiple channels available now which allows the customer to make a purchase. Therefore, multiple selling should be considered to ensure that they get multiple opportunities to interact with the customer in one way or the other. 

6. Better Payment Processing

In the conversion process of a potential customer to an actual customer, a good payment process plays a huge role. It is because if a customer faces any hassle to make payment for the purchase they want to do, instead of putting in too much effort, they are more likely to cancel the order at the last minute which creates a potential loss. Shopping cart abandonment is a real issue for eCommerce companies that have a bad or complex checkout process. The checkout process should always be simple. 

7. Green Consumerism 

With the issues of the environment coming to the forefront, good brands are now under the immense process to look environment-friendly to make the customers look, responsible shoppers. This expectation has given rise to green consumerism. eCommerce companies should try to engage in creating and delivering the product in an environment-friendly manner and let the customers know about it so that they feel proud to shop from their brands. 

8. Social Media Is Playing A Huge Role 

Social media platforms have become much more than a platform that is used to casually connect with others. In fact, social media platforms now place a huge role in marketing to reach the targeted audiences. The importance of social media platforms has extended so highly in platforms like Facebook and Instagram, that they now have the buy buttons to allow direct sales. 

9. Increased Use Of AI 

To ensure better maintenance of workflow and improve efficiency, many online businesses are using artificial intelligence (AI). Most of the applications of AI are visible in marketing, customer services and sales. The importance of AI is also visible in the rise of investment in the startups that incorporate AI in their business. 

10. Voice Shopping 

Even though voice shopping is relatively new, the trend is expected to rise in potential by next year. Voice shopping is made possible through the use of smart speakers like the Echo. According to reports, voice shopping will be used to purchase food items, low-cost electronics and homeware.

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