Travelling with time, students of RIE felt wave of history through 40th Monks, Caves and Kings

Bhubaneswar: Travelling with time, literally, over 40 students of History from city-based Regional Institute of Education (RIE) travelled to the past and experienced the tales behind the Twin Hills of Udayagiri and Khandagiri, caves, inscriptions, tales of the Royals and history of Kalinga and the gallantry of its warriors during the 40th heritage tour of Monks, Caves and Kings.
Maliha, a student of RIE and habitant of Bihar, said “I had been to this place three times, but this time the experience with Ekamra Walks was a different one and the trip helped me to understand the stories behind the hills, history and caves and I have now something to take back home.’’
Saying that the art by pre-historic men inside the Hati Gumpha could be a fascinating link to the study of the evidence of the origin of mankind, Maliha also added that there should be more research into this so that more links could be established. She also added that the lizard sculptor on the Bagha Gumpha was an interesting sight.
Sanchita, another student from RIE said “though this was my third visit to the famous Jain shrine after several years, one would be able to discover his/her soul after following the train under Monks, Caves and Kings.’’
Abhipsita Mohanty said “I have read novels on the emperor Kharavela, but after joining the Monks, Caves and Kings heritage trail under Ekamra Walks I could see the pages from history written on the walls of the caves and various parts of Khandagiri-Udayagiri.’’
Smriti Burman, a student of Economics, who has a deep interest in History said “though other students are from History, being my favourite subject, I always try to explore places related to history and this place happens to be one of my favourite in the city.’’
Professor Pritish Acharya, who teaches History in RIE and was accompanying his students , said “the students are really happy and excited following the visit to Khandagiri-Udayagiri and many would be definitely revisit as the tour has sparked the interests of the students’ mind and they would be in touch to explore more about the Twin Hills.’’
Currently the State Capital has three heritage tours under the Ekamra Walks, i.e. Old Town Circuit, Monks Caves and Kings and Museum Walk at Crafts Museum in Kala Bhoomi near Gandamunda. In near future there would be more walks to add to the interests of different age groups, tastes and visitors from inside the city and those, who would travel to Bhubaneswar during the coming World Cup Hockey.