Transformative Leadership Retreat Concludes at NIST

Berhampur: The 2-day workshop “Transformative Leadership Retreat” at Institute Park, NIST concluded on 16th Nov. 2019. Mr. Shankar Hemmady (CEO, Green Horizons, San Francisco, and Mentor & Visiting Faculty, MICA, Ahmedabad) delivered a series of talks on the topic in this program.

At the inaugural function, NIST Chairman Dr Sukant Kumar Mohapatra told the gathering, “For every responsible person, it’s important to know what one believes in and what one values. This motivates us to align our mindset to our goals. Workshops such as this help us improve our professional and personal lives. It’s like re-engineering the self for better. And it’s a continuous transformative process.

Through various fun and creative activities, the mentor Mr. Shankar Hemmady gave NIST faculty members a new perspective about “Learning How to Learn, and How to Unlearn.” That’s how one can bring positive change in the body and the mind. He also discussed at length how to transform the self from rationalizing beings to rational beings, and overcome the instincts to take control of the self.

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