Transcendent Brahma

By Kasturika Mishra

If you looked beyond knowledge, so will you achieve knowledge? When Sri Aurobindo descended on this conclusion he thought of what is to be rejected is the obvious and visible. What one should aspire is for the internal struggle to streamline the inner processes of turmoil where nothing matters except your soul cleansing. The transformation of the demons inside you will manifest in your reactions that the divine has ordained for you.

Reason for this transformation has nothing to do with deceit, self-glory, and aggressiveness.

Sri Aurobindo says “To walk through life armored against all fear, peril and disaster, only two things are needed, two that go always together–the Grace of the Divine Mother and on your side an inner state made up of faith, sincerity and surrender.”

But we keep manifesting this fear of people, places, and situations into our self without any reliance on this power that can resolve this fear within no time.

Rely on that intuitive power that is directed from the divine and remain free from fear.

To quote Sri Aurobindo “To be wholly and integrally conscious of oneself and of all the truth of one’s  being is what is implied by the perfect emergence of the individual consciousness, and it is that towards which evolution tends. All being is one, and to be fully conscious means to be integrated with the conscious-ness of all, with the universal self and force and action.”

To be complete in being, in consciousness of being, in force of being, in delight of being and to live in this integrated completeness is the divine living. What we fail to achieve is this force to work better and better within ourselves. We need power to transcend this thought of our self centred ego to a level of understanding the forces of nature that only belittle our decaying body and mind is to be identified and leveraged to a object of being the self creation of the divine. The body is to be used as an instrument to reach out to the divine.

Quoting Sri Aurobindo “A silence, an entry into a wide or even immense or infinite emptiness is part of the inner spiritual experience; of this silence and void the physical mind has a certain fear, the small superficially active thinking or vital mind has a certain fear, the small superficially active thinking or vital mind a shrinking from it or dislike, – for it confuses the silence with mental and vital incapacity and the void with cessation or non-existence”.

To be spiritual in context you don’t need to superficial but discovered one’s soul strength, which draws strength from within; nothing external is required for this transcendent brahma in us as the whole unit as we see has grown manifold inside the structure.