Traffic eased in Rewa of Madhya Pradesh with newly constructed flyover

Bhopal: The overall development of the entire Vindhya region including Rewa is going on continuously. While the Bansagar project has changed the picture of the Vindhya region, the increase in irrigation facilities has given a boost to agriculture and trade. At the same time, Vindhya is also progressing rapidly in infrastructure development. Just on July 15, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan had virtually inaugurated the newly constructed flyover costing Rs 43 crore 50 lakh in Rewa city. He had said that the name of this flyover will be Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Bridge.

Fly-over eased traffic

The much awaited demand of Rewa has been fulfilled with the construction of flyover. The newly constructed fly-over bridge has eased the traffic. Citizens have got rid of the problem of jam and their time is being saved. This fly-over has been built on the Varanasi-Nagpur route in Rewa city at the Saman tri-section near the new bus-stand. This tri-section is one of the busiest intersections in the city. The length of the fly-over bridge is 1533 meters and the width is 12.90 meters and 8.40 meters. It has been built in 24 months by the Public Works Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Traffic to and from Sidhi and Shahdol, National Highway Varanasi-Nagpur N.H.-7, which is presently N.H.-30 passing through Rewa city, as well as Rampur Karchulian on one side and the increasing traffic from the Satna-Amarpatan side ahead of Bela on the other creates huge traffic pressure on the Saman Tiraha. Due to the proximity of the Inter-State Bus-Stand and Jyoti Senior Secondary School, there was heavy traffic pressure. Now the speed of traffic has increased due to the construction of flyover and the residents have got relief to a great extent.

Overalldevelopment of Vindhya region

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that all-round development of Vindhya region will go on continuously. There work is being done in all areas like infrastructure development, expansion of health facilities, education, skill development, employment etc. A network of industries is being laid in the area. Agro based industries are also being started. The development activities have increased employment opportunities in the Vindhya region. Super specialty hospital has also started in Rewa. Asia’s largest solar power project has been set up.

Vindhya’s development gained momentum under leadership of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan

On the construction of flyover, Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha Shri Girish Gautam says that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, the state government has given impetus to the all-round development of Vindhya region. Public Works Minister Shri Gopal Bhargav and former Minister Shri Rajendra Shukla say that Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has made overall development in Vindhya by taking special initiatives in every area of ​​development. In the future also, the activities of development and public welfare will continue at a rapid pace. All the departments of the government will continue to get full cooperation.

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