Top Three Trekking Destinations of Sikkim You Must Explore

Sikkim may not get the attention that places like Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Ladakh have as elite trekking spots, but this relatively unexplored North Eastern state of India has some of the most stunning valleys, scenic pastures and beautiful snow-capped highlands that deserve your attention. Encircled by China, Nepal and Bhutan, Sikkim or as they call it the “Himalayan Shangri-La”, is distinguished as one of the most secretly kept mysteries of the Himalayan ranges.

The brilliance in breeze and calm in the backwoods of the state that a trekker is bound to experience on a trek in Sikkim is an inimitable feeling. Apart from the natural scenic beauty that the state is blessed with, the challenges in trekking through these highlands make this destination so perfect. The ones who persevere get to witness the true glory of the heaven on Earth that is Sikkim. Here are the top three must-visit trekking destinations of Sikkim –

Goecha La Trek

Recognized as one of the stunning trekking routes in Sikkim, the Goecha La trek is blessed with an innate aura of exquisiteness. What makes this place even more exciting for trekkers, are the legendary histories and mythical stories that surround it.

The trail, famous for rhododendron flowers, pine trees and the oak forests, exposes visitors to this unknown and unexplored part of the country. Be it the wilderness, the amazing natural beauty or the royal view of the foothills and the serene valleys – all trekkers are guaranteed to get overwhelmed with the charm of the region.

Further down the trek, a splendid view of the celebrated Kanchenjunga Mountain, the third highest mountain in the world, awaits you. The intimidating presence of Kanchenjunga as you walk up the icy tracks make the Goecha La trek one of the most challenging yet quixotic treks in India. Be prepared to discover the intense flora of this area with the extraordinary wildlife as you continue your trek. You will also come across several beautiful small lakes and if you’re lucky your guide can take you to visit some of the obscure waterfalls in the region.

The spellbinding aura of Mount Pandim and the chance to camp at its foothills is such a thrilling experience. The highlight of the trek is the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga and the staggering views of 14 other astounding summits, a sight to behold.

During night time, visitors always have the luxury to camp under hundreds of millions of stars as the skies of Sikkim are as unpolluted and clear as they can get. There really is no better feeling than to sit beside a bonfire with your compatriots, enjoying the natural beauty of Goecha La.

Important details you need to know

  • Height Above Sea Level:15,100 ft
  • Average Duration of Trek: 10 Days
  • Difficulty Level:Moderate
  • Best time to Visit:The grand mordant snow-clad hills are best observable in March up to May. Do not delay the trip more than September to November as weather conditions can get harsh.
  • Base Camp:Yuksom
  • How to reach the Base Camp:Yuksom, the ancient capital of Sikkim is a silent and small town. The town’s primary function in the area is to serve as a base camp for visiting trekkers. Take a direct taxi or a bus from the capital city of Gangtok. The journey should be about 4 hours. Transport is also available from Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri. However, that may extend the overall journey to Yuksom to 8 hours.

Check Goechala Trek details here.

Green Lakes Trek

Another hidden Himalayan gem, the Green Lakes trail is one of the least surveyed locations in Sikkim. Also considered as the base camp of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the trek route is encircled with a spectacular scenic mix of gigantic mountains and bright meadows with opulent biodiversity.

Trekkers get to see the cloudy peaks of Kanchenjunga as they climb along. The trekking trail passes through a dense asylum of plantations, assortments of rhododendron flower fields, obscure waterfalls and countless species of animals and birds. The Green Lakes is officially a government restricted region. So, make sure to get a permit before deciding to explore regions beyond the Green Lake.

The trail takes trekkers to one of the most unexplored parts of this country, the Zemu Glacier, at the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga in North Sikkim. Blessed with pristine beauty and formidable terrain, the Green Lakes Trek is an adventurist’s paradise.

Important details you need to know

  • Height Above Sea Level:16,570 ft
  • Average Duration of Trek:15 days
  • Difficulty Level:Moderate
  • Best time to Trek:April-October
  • Base Camp:Lachen
  • How to reach the Base Camp:Get a direct taxi from Gangtok. The six-hour taxi ride will take you directly to Lachen.

Sandakphu Trek

The Sandakphu Trek is one of the world’s most exquisite trekking routes. With panoramic views of Himalayan gems such as Kanchenjunga, Lhotse Makalu and of course the Everest, the trek on the stunning trails of Sandakphu is truly one of a kind.

The whole trek is encircled with Rhododendron flower fields that come to life in the spring months of March and May. The trek starts from Jaubhari and will lead trekkers to small and beautiful villages like Meghma, Tumling, Kala Pokhari, etc. before reaching Sandakphu. On a bright and sunny day, visitors can get lucky and witness the Everest in its glory. Visitors can also get to experience the warmth of Indo-Nepali culture.

Due to road access to the majority of the trail, this trek can be easily done on your own. It is a perfect trek to prepare yourself for difficult treks like Goecha La.

Important details you need to know

  • Height Above Sea Level:11,900 ft
  • Average Duration of Trek:7 days
  • Difficulty Level:Relatively easy trek
  • Best time to Trek:If it is blooming flowers you wish to see, the spring months of March, April and May are when you should visit. In terms of weather conditions, the days between October and December are extremely cool – a temperature that truly brings out the scenic beauty of Sandakphu.
  • Base Camp -Jaubhari
  • How to reach the Base Camp:The starting point is Jaubhari. It’s about a 3 hours taxi ride from Darjeeling or a 5 hours taxi ride from New Jalpaiguri. Traveling via Gangtok on a taxi or a bus could take up to 3 hours.

Now that you know what to expect from these destinations, it’s time to pack your backpacks, unleash your trekking spirit, and explore that is unexplored!


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