The Top 5 strangest businesses to get involved with

When you finally get to graduate university, you feel a little confused about where you want to go in life. You’ve been so used to going to lectures, writing coursework and then going out to party once all the scholarly business has been taken care of, that you just haven’t been giving much thought about what to do once it’s all over. Sure, you can go into generic teaching positions or a public service job, you may even decide to run your own business, however, is that going to make you feel fulfilled? Why not try and look around for a more unusual profession that will excite and delight you. Take a look at our list of the top 5 strangest businesses that you can get involved with. You know you will love our third pick!

  1. Unique Bath Products

If you fancy yourself a whizz with your scents and bathing products, you may want to consider becoming a soap designer. There are specialist bakeries that are set up to deliver you specific scents that will leave you smelling gorgeous. If you think that you know what sort of scents people crave, how to turn 100 % organic ingredients into soap and what sort of smells are unique enough to do well on the market, then it might be time for you branch out into your soap making business. Better yet, expand it further into scrubs, toothpaste, hairsprays, shampoos and even bath bombs.  Some people even take this a step further and sculpt soap into different figures. Why not try your hand at sculpting a mega bath bomb? It’s sure to get your company some notoriety.

  1. Adult Content Writer

Okay, so when it comes to the adult industry, some jobs don’t involve you having to get down and dirty. Some jobs involve you sitting in front of a computer and creating content. If you don’t fancy just writing smut for a living, why not go to the other side? The Adult Industry is always looking for content writers who are willing to write up blogs, website content and even edit pornographic videos. If you don’t feel squeamish about adult topics then this could be the job for you. Just look at how successful Pornhub is, and how good their Twitter posts are. One minute you may be writing a blog for the most reliable & professional escort agency in London, next minute you will be editing a professional porn agency’s latest romantic video.

If you choose to have this sort of adult e-commerce job, you will never feel bored when it comes to your subject matter. Every day you will probably see something new that you can laugh about. Just make sure to let your loved ones know that you aren’t in the adult industry, you work just outside of it.

  1. Mannequin Maker

Have you ever thought about where a shop mannequin comes from in the first place? They don’t just come out of nowhere. Instead, they have probably come from a mannequin family. You could end up as either Mannequin Maker or even a Mannequin Designer. Someone has to sculpt a mannequin’s limbs or paint their expression on or even craft their beautiful synthetic wig. If you are a designer at heart and fancy something a bit more lively than just being a factory worker, this is the job for you.

  1. Cat Cafe Owner

How much do you love animals? Well, if you find yourself excited about the idea of turning into a crazy cat lady or just love felines in general, you may want to consider opening up your very own cat cafe! These pet cafes originated from Taiwan and Japan and are a cafe that has cats living in them. That means you can go in for a delicious treat whilst giving some cuddly cats some affection and cat snacks. If you feel brave enough to do this, and are ready to create an organised schedule where you can appease both cats and customer, this may be the job for you.

  1. Fake Mourner

Okay, let’s face it, there are so many people in this world, that some people are just going to be pretty unpopular in both life and death. If a family perhaps want to have more people at a funeral, as a lot of people turned down their invitations, they can hire some “professional mourners” to look sorrow, cry or even help out with the proceedings. The mourner is briefed on the person’s life and then are simply set to work.

It’s a great gig if you’ve been learning drama at university and want to put your skills to the test. But try not to make it too obvious that you’re a professional mourner. After all, you’re going to need to think of a backstory as to how you knew the deceased and what you thought of them.

Are you ready for your new job?

When it comes to the world of work, some positions are pretty generic and others are a bit wild and whacky. If you go for a bit more of an untraditional job, you may find yourself coming back with some interesting stories for your loved ones. You only live once, so why not give them a go? If you hate them then you can quite and pretend that it never happened. It’s as easy as that!

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