Top 5 Benefits of using office chair mats

Office chair mats are a must-have for any modern office space, whether you work alone or with a large team of employees. If you’re starting an office, you could be wondering why you need an office chair mat. Well, in this guide, we’ve got you covered with some of the benefits of using office chair mats.

Protects the floor

Chairs rolling around one small space could lead to scratches on the floor. Arguably, repair of these floors could cost you more than the investment of a chair mat. The floor mats ensure that the chair only cruises on the mat without damaging the surrounding areas.

Research indicates that, on average, a person moves their chair repeatedly about 300 times in eight hours. Guess what this implies? You guessed right, the floor beneath deteriorates and even discolors.

It’s also worth noting that most office chairs are bulky, and when moved around, they tend to rip off carpets or even tiles. Thus, when buying a chair mat, you ought to ensure that it securely sits in place to avoid damage to flooring. Besides, these days you can easily find chair mats for carpets.

Offers comfort

Most office injuries emanate from poor sitting positions. When employees keep seeking sick leaves, the employer suffers from catering to medical bills and the possibility of losing reliable employees.

Chair mats offer the flexibility to roll around the space and also stretching of legs to avoid fatigue. Despite not carrying out strenuous tasks, office workers quickly get tired of sitting in one position without movement.

Enhances safety

Have you heard of accidents involving chairs in the office? Usually, workers fall off from obstacles on the carpets or even because of uneven carpet edges. Chair mats are an ideal solution to such accidents because there are manufacturers who design chair mats for carpet.

Makes the working space look neat

Most high-end chair mats add to the aesthetic value of the office. These days there are even mats that match the decor and theme of your office. You can also get chair mats for carpets to blend in with the general outlook of your space.

Experts claim that an organized working area enhances productivity by workers. Therefore, working spaces with chair mats look pristine and also motivate employees to keep working assured of their health and wellbeing.

Protects floor from spills

Most people prefer working as they sip on their coffee, tea, or juice. Other workers even eat from the office. Accidents can happen, leading to spills and stains on the floors. However, with a chair mat, the spills fall on the mats that are easy and quick to clean. Thus, your floor gets protection from stains.

In a nutshell, office chair mats are beneficial in that they give the office a neat look, they’re comfortable for employees, the rugs blend well with existing decor, and they also protect the floor from damage and spills. Luckily, you can find office chair mats in different makes, designs, colors, and even quality to suit your financial capabilities.

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