Top 5 All-In-One PDF Editors To Manage PDFs

PDF is the popular format to share documents, especially for a professional setup. PDFs serve as a backbone for many companies, too, for exchanging professional looking and secure documents. Further, PDFs are mostly compact and sharing them becomes an easy job. A few of the many advantages of PDF include the maintenance of format, being read on all devices, compact size, secured document, and integrated easily with both textual and non-textual elements. PDF files can only be managed using PDF editors. Here’s a curated list of the top 5 all-in-one PDF editors. 

1. Lua

Lua is an online PDF converter that provides a platform to convert the different file formats into PDF like JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and PPT to PDF. In addition to that, it can also be used for converting PDF to PNG, JPG and Word documents. If you need to club together multiple PDFs into a single PDF, the Merge PDF feature of Lua comes in handy for combining multiple PDF files into a single document. Once the files are uploaded in Lua for merging, it immediately starts the conversion process without queuing for fast delivery. After merging the PDF, the user can also compress the PDF from the same platform to reduce its size for easy transfer of the document. 

2. DocFly

DocFly is one of the easiest PDF editors available online for free. Using DocFly, the users can create, edit and further convert the PDF files. All the files which are uploaded in DocFly are secured using HTTPS. The users can upload the PDF documents from their local device, Google Drive and DropBox. Editing options that are available in DocFly include adding and erasing text, highlighting important points. The platform also comes in handy for adding both signatures and images. Further, you can use DocFly for adding, changing and even removing passwords from the document. The free version of DocFly supports three PDF editing in a month. 

3. Desygner

It is a free PDF editor which can be used to edit any PDF easily quickly. This all-in-one PDF designing platform allows the user to edit text, change images, edit vectors, and even change the layout and the entire design of the PDF. Additionally, Desygner also provides space to organise the edited PDFs and then download them anytime they want. The user can also use Desygner to convert their files from Microsoft and Adobe. The platform also supports various PDF layouts for social media, cover photos, adverts, presentation, book covers and even vision boards and planners. The free version of Desygner allows the user to edit files up to 30 MB and 50 pages.

4. Smallpdf

It is a well-known PDF editor considered one of the best online tools for managing PDF documents. This PDF editor platform can prove extremely helpful when one requires adding text for filling a PDF form. The PDF for editing can be imported from the computer, Dropbox and Google Drive. It is a browser-based online tool and therefore can be used on all devices, provided that it has a browser and an active internet connection. All the files that are uploaded in SmallPDF are secured using SSL encryption for maximum security. 

5. Sejda

Send is an online PDF editor which supports free PDF editing. Using Sejda, the users can add texts, change the already present PDF text, add images and signatures, fill a PDF form and add links to the PDF document. Additional editing features supported by Sejda include whiteout PDF, add shapes, find and replace in PDF, add form fields and annotate the PDF page. Furthermore, all the files which are uploaded in Sejda are automatically deleted after two hours. The free version of Sejda allows the users to edit three PDFs in an hour, and the document limit includes 200 pages or 50 MB. 


All the above-listed PDF editing tools provide an easy way to edit files. Depending on the type of changes you need to make on the PDF, you can select a device. Further, while choosing a free PDF editing website, you recommend that you go through the restrictions for editing a PDF for free. Finally, after editing the PDF, do not forget to save the changes that you have made. 

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