Top 10 IIT Projects That Could Blow Your Mind

When it comes to learning about science or gathering knowledge on technology, the only thing that comes to our mind is IIT or the Indian Institute of Technology. IITs are the premier technical institute located across the country region of India. For admission, students have to go through an academic exam known as JEE Advanced, held annually throughout different states. For appearing in this examination, a student gave to complete 10th and 12th standards along with a good score. IITs offered mainly bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and Ph.D. and several certificate courses.


During the graduation tenure, a student must submit a research project on a topic of their particular domain, Institute Technical Summer Projects (ITSP). Each project has to be unique and specific in its ways and can solve a real-time problem. Students have to demonstrate their project to their respected faculties and mentors, explaining the project’s objective. Some of the unique projects that have ever been delivered are as given below.

 Braille Reader

The portable workstation was created on the premise of different client trials to require care of inclinations and the needs of the client community. It includes an extraordinarily planned hand-rest to assist the clients in working for long hours without any drop in productivity. The hardware can be associated through wifi, Bluetooth and USB. It is inter-disciplinary and brings advanced techniques, low power electronics, software and user interface design.

 Rubik’s Cube Solve

Rubik’s cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle in which a pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently, hence blending up the colours. This project aims to build an autonomous robot which can solve a Rubik’s cube. It uses a gripper design mechanism to hold the cube from four faces, providing all possible rotations in the cube. The robot is controlled by a microcontroller, which is its brain and gives the engine commands to solve the 3d shape cube.

 Hex Robot

A Hexapod Robot may be a 6-axis, parallel-kinematics machine regularly utilized for computerized accuracy in situating and arranging parts and components extending from scaled-down optics to large boards. As the exactness necessities within the car industry are expanding, they require progressed mechanical technology emerges. Hexapod robots have a history in precision alignment & micro-manufacturing computerization but were considered exact for the car industry.

Automatic book reader for the blind

The objective is to design a completely coordinates framework that’s generally quick but reasonable and successful with a tall perusing precision. By utilizing two good lightweight cameras, a book holder and traditional lighting of an office or a lab environment, this coordinates framework addresses through computer program advancement. It uses machine learning along with a neural network framework that takes as input the findings of step (b) and provides an audible readout through a speech synthesis engine.

 Mask which uses facial speech gesture sensors

Ordinary discourse recognition applications utilize sound or picture preparation, regularly a moderate and not exceptionally user-friendly innovation. Setting simple sensors would dispose of current restrictions and target uncommon muscles to be made into a proactive application. Not as it were, would this be a boon for the quiet, but indeed for standard individuals on the go who have to sort content into archives or sends without utilizing their hands.

 A Smart Paper Calendar Device for the Blind

Takes up less space in your home/office, Consumes less control through a paper-based display, Organises your day-by-day and month-to-month calendar Records, and plans alerts or events. Connects wirelessly to an advanced calendar (Google Calendar, for ex.) through wifi or Bluetooth can recognize voice commands. It also has Braille engravings, so it is completely user-friendly for the outwardly disabled.

Intelligent Earphone

It works by using Audio Signal Processing technology and an intelligent earpiece containing multiple microphones to recognize diverse sound sources and constrict and concentrate on any chosen one. It would be able to pinpoint each conversation and decide which one to listen to.

 Advance Breatlyzer Helmet

Ensures that it’s strapped on properly with an adequate pressure gradient. Screen the CO2 levels inside the helmet. Examine the alcohol level in the wearer’s breath and activates/deactivates the bike accordingly.


It is a traffic analysis software, a prototype application which provides real-time traffic updates and information utilizing various information from social media platforms. After cleaning through the noise, they include each significant post as a vector containing the updated information.

 A 3D user interface for cellphones.

The unique feature of this innovation doesn’t require stereoscopy; it just needs just 1 front-facing camera on a device. It is utilized either as an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) or an instrument for showing a question from a 3-dimensional point of view. This extension has applications over the board. Companies like Flipkart or Amazon might want to present a 3D image of their product.


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