Tips to Navigate Your Job Search During a Pandemic

With the shifting labor landscape, navigating your job search is now more confusing than ever. Add the COVID-19 pandemic to that, and it may be even more challenging. Even though there is a dramatic change in the job market, you should never assume companies are not hiring for the foreseeable future.

Some companies are still advertising job opportunities and you need to take advantage of that. In their quest of reducing the impact of COVID-19 on the working class, Odisha Govt departments and state-owned organizations publish job opportunities on a daily basis. Provided you rely on the most comprehensive listing of all Odisha state government jobs, it will only be a matter of time before you land your dream job. So keep applying for the jobs, and your efforts will pay off eventually.

Considering Odisha is among the most populated states in India, you need to stand out from the crowd to leverage the great opportunities for candidates who are 10th/12th pass, diploma holders, bachelor, master degree holders and graduates.  That’s why you should carefully go through all the instructions and requirements for each post you may want to apply. In addition, you need to understand what it takes to keep track of the latest Odisha government jobs.

Here are three helpful tips to navigate your job search during COVID-19.

  • Use Online Job Search Sites

Staying-at-home and social distance are now the ‘new normal’ all around the world. Of course, some countries are already opening their economies, but companies hard hit by the pandemic are yet to resume business. For those lucky enough, the internet is proving beneficial when looking for new hires.  So leverage online job search sites to find a job opportunity.  Thanks to these sites, you will find the list of current Odisha Govt Jobs and many more openings to apply.

Going with the high number of vacant positions in these sites, you may think about applying for as many jobs as possible, but this should not be the case. Instead, apply for positions you are good at and interested in.  Spend more of your time conducting research and completing the applications to avoid missing out on important details. In short, be deliberate when applying to jobs and increase your chances of landing an interview.

  • Tap into Your Network

If there’s ever a time that knowing more people will help you get a job, it’s right now! Reach out to your personal and professional connections letting them know you’re in dire need of a new job.  Post on your social media platforms or reconnect with your friends to set up informational interviews.  Remember to include your resume and the job opportunities you are open to before clicking on the ‘post’ button. No matter who you know, there is always that one person who can turn out to be a valuable career connection.

  • Understand Your Skills

Job seekers are fond of taking the first opportunity that comes their way without thinking about what they want. In the end, some struggle to fit into their new job.  With the impact of COVID-19 and unexpected job loss, use this time to reflect on what you want to pursue in your career. Make a list of your top skills and compare them to qualifications listed in current job openings. Take this as the perfect opportunity to find a job that makes you happy.

While these are unprecedented times, do not allow the stress of losing a job to turn your life upside down. Use online job search sites, tap into your network, and know your skills to navigate your job search hassle-free during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is then that you can take full advantage of the available Odisha government jobs.

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