Tips To Improve Horse Racing

Every year has a number of huge horse racing actions to look forward to. This year is no different, with the Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup and Grand National all on the agenda. All the biggest races will be massive betting events, for novices as well as those more experienced.


However, for those that only occasionally make wagers on the racing action, what are the biggest tips that they should follow this year to ensure that they stand the best chance of finding a winner?


Do The Research


There is much more to betting on racing than simply finding a horse in the field wearing the colors that catch your eye or the one that has the fanciest name. The form book is the best possible way to whittle down the potential winners of a race, and that is especially important in races with big fields. When betting on flat racing, that also includes looking at the breeding of horses.


However, the biggest indicator to help find a winner is the form that the horse has been in. Horses that have winning records over certain distances and tracks will increase their chances.


Meanwhile, selections that haven’t previously run over the distance and aren’t winning as much may not be as interesting to bet on. The odds typically show you the leading contenders, as favorites will typically be the horse in the best form, while outsiders have certain limitations regarding their stamina or strike rate.


You can find the latest updated horse racing results here:




Another factor that should be considered is the strike rates of the connections involved with the horse. That requires looking at the strike rates of both jockey and trainer.


These factors are very important, especially when it comes to further whittle down the selections that you have narrowed down reading the form. Trainers in excellent form is a massive plus, as it means that their yard is at the top of its game, and will mean that their entries have a better chance of victories.


Trainers that have gone a long time without a winner may mean that something within their yard may be amiss, which leaves questions regarding their entry. Jockey form is also very important, as riders at the top of their game will be more confident of landing a winner. Meanwhile, jockeys that are out of form may be struggling with their confidence which may lead to them making more mistakes or tactically misjudging the race.


Explore Different Betting Options


While single bets may be the most popular for both inexperienced and novice bettors, there is a wide range of markets available at the leading sportsbooks. This means that you can explore the markets available to ensure that you can get the best possible returns on your wagers.


For example, most sportsbooks will enable bettors to wager on the winning margin. That means that if you think the favorite for a race is difficult to oppose, then you can also select a margin that the selection will win by.


Some of the more detailed markets require a greater level of understanding to claim returns, but they can be more lucrative for a bettor. Multiple betting is also a very popular option for those attending the racing, as it means that they can select a number of horses from different races into one longer bet. The most popular multiple bet type is a Lucky 15.


This option covers four selections, which are made up of all possible singles, doubles, trebles, and the four-fold. However, with these multiple selections, bettors need to weigh up the pros and cons and whether the risk weighs out the reward in comparison to just betting on each horse in a singles wager.

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