“This Luck Happened By Chance” Says ‘The Prada Girl’ Shreya Sharma

By Roy

The voice behind ‘Prada’, Shreya Sharma has got something to share with you all. The track that is being played in the hit-charts of millions out there has its singer saying “this luck happened by chance”.
“While I was in Delhi for a show, that’s when ‘Prada’ happened to me. From a phone call to contributing a hit to the music calendar of the year, it was a joyful journey with the entire team,” says Shreya.
Even though the song has a great effort story behind, but Shreya feels that her rapport and comradery with Alia Bhatt, ‘Lamberghini’ fame Doorbeen boys are something to be cherished about. “Even after shooting for long hours on a go at Mehboob studio, the outcome and response from the audience are what gave us more cheers to cheeks,” she states.

‘Prada’ happened to Shreya when ‘Lamberghini’ was ruling the charts. “The Doorbeen boys had seen and liked one of my covers and they had called me for this recording. I remember having a sore throat while I recorded a scratch fro ‘Prada’. There we knew, this song is going to be different.”
Till the present point of her journey, she believes that it is very difficult to get the foot at the doorstep for an artist, but once he is there the challenge level increases along with audience expectations and requirements.
“Take any career point of your life, I guess if one is really dedicated and devoted towards his dreams, he has to push himself, experiment, face challenges and downfalls, and ultimately, has to gather the strength to arise. Besides that, practically, marketing oneself on digital platforms be it be music or acting, is very crucial.”
Shreya has a separate love for Odisha, especially Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. “It was a few years back I went on a family holiday to Odisha. Days have passed, but my love for this state’s culture and filigree jewellery of Cuttack is constant.”
She is now currently focusing on her YouTube channel as the digital platform is the face of everything. She also has some big projects in her pockets which she would be gifting soon to her audience.