Things to do in Bangalore This Weekend

Many people across the country have moved to Bangalore for various reasons including better employment opportunities. Bangalore, the Garden City, never ceases to amaze when it comes finding things to do. If you’re wondering what to do at the end of your work-week, here are things to do in Bangalore this weekend:

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet is getting popular now where you can go with your family and/or friends for unlimited breakfast food at some of the top restaurants in the city. Buff Buffet Buff is a popular breakfast buffet spot in Bangalore.

Day Outing to a Resort

There are many day outings at resorts in the outskirts of Bangalore. You can take a take a drive there, engage in activities such as ping pong, swimming, football/basketball, foosball, badminton, ATV, paintball, land and water zorbing, and more with food and drinks. Popular resorts include Holiday Village Resort, Palm Meadows Club, and Guhantara Resort.

Go to a Vineyard

If you are a wine lover, you will find several vineries in the outskirts of Bangalore that offer wine tasting and grape stomping experiences. You will also get a tour of the place and food. Prices start around Rs.800 per person. Two popular vineyards are Heritage Winery and Grover Zampa Vineyards.

Learn Horse Riding

You could take horse riding lessons on the weekends in Bangalore at either Bangalore Horse Riding School or Zippy Horse Riding Academy. These academies open at 6 am, so there is no damper in last minute plans you might have come up over the weekend.

Play Laser Tag or Paintball

These are both fun group games that involve guns. They’re both tactical games involving an end goal such as capturing the opponent team’s flag/ringing a bell, etc.

Laser Tag is a game that you play with guns that fire infrared beams. Each player wears an infrared sensitive vest and players shoot each other.

Paintball involves wearing a suit and has guns that shoot paint balls at opponents. If a paint ball hits you, you’re out of the game and the team has to carry on without you.

You can play Laser Tag at Lazer Castle, Talk To The Hand- Laser Tag and Mystery Zone, and other locations. You can play Paintball at GameBLR Paintball & VR Gaming, War Zone Paintball Arena (Active Arena), Global Adventure, and other spots.


Bangalore has an active nightlife scene with clubs and pubs being open until 1 am. You can get 1+1 drinks, open bar at some clubs, great food, music of different genres including commercial, Hip Hop, Techno, and more. There are apps and websites that you can refer to know which club is hosting what kind of a party.

Sunday Brunches and Sundowners

Many breweries and restaurants host brunches on Sundays with unlimited food and alcohol from 1 pm to 4 pm. These include The Hilton, Shiro, Bangalore Brew Works, Big Brewsky, JW Marriott, and more. They usually cost upwards of Rs.1,500.

Sundowners start Sunday evenings around 4 pm and go till 7 pm and serve alcohol. They normally occur poolside where people can get into the pool.

Bangalore has no dearth of entertainment for its residents. Although a house for rent in Bangalore is slightly more expensive that other metropolitan cities such a Chennai or Delhi, it more than makes up with the lifestyle and culture it offers.

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