The toughest and most devastating sports injuries

The biggest fear any athlete can have in their line of duty is picking an injury, and especially in the current era when being out of action means earning less or not earning at all. Some injuries are unavoidable but most of the injuries athletes suffer come as a lack of fitness. That is why they spend about 70 percent of their time in the gym and other places working out.


Muscular injuries are generally easier to handle for athletes; the big problem is normally when they touch on the bones or bone structure. As mentioned, some of these can be entirely unpreventable, and these also are the toughest to heal because they need really tender care and high level management and rehabilitation.


So which are some of the toughest injuries around? One may ask.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Otherwise known as the ACL, a torn one means extended time out for athletes. This is actually one of the most feared and is very common in high level football. The ACL is what gives the athlete needed stability in the lower limbs. A sudden change of direction, especially when in motion is what causes ACL tears. If managed well, an athlete can recover and get back to sports, but sadly it doesn’t happen with all players and sometimes ends careers.


A top athlete to have suffered this injury is Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, and it forced him to miss the Euro 2020 finals. He returned to action this season and has been a key part in Liverpool’s charge so far, and his team’s unbeaten run at the moment is by large part of his contribution.


Managing this injury calls for man management as the player slowly regains his balance, perhaps the main reason Van Dijk has been used sparingly in Liverpool’s matches. The team is set to face Preston in the League Cup on Wednesday and the Dutchman is among players to be rested.


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Concussion: This is another of the most devastating injuries players in contact sports have to deal with. The biggest issue with this injury is that time of recovery is never guaranteed, like the case of Wolverhampton Wanderers forward Raul Jimenez who spent seven months out with the injury. Concussions, if severe, can even lead to early retirement from sports because some of the complications they come with could be far reaching. Loss of vision and loss of memory are some of the effects.


Jimenez made an emotional return and though he now has to play with a head cover, it was just reassuring to have him back in the game. The outpouring of emotions was visible when he scored his first goal after recovery as Wolves beat Southampton 1-0.


Fractured spine: The vigors of sports sometimes come with back injuries. This is also another feared injury among athletes as it can easily lead to fractures in the spine or vertebrae. This injury will definitely affect movement and in extreme cases lead to paralysis. While there are cases of players who have suffered this injury and returned to active sports, in most cases a fractured vertebrae means the end of an athlete’s career.


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