The New Normal SOPs followed at MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts – Redefining Luxury During Pandemic

Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered an unprecedented crisis, something which is unlike anything that we have seen in our lifetime. However, while this fight which is far from over will continue for some more time in the near future, as a country we have to learn to live with the Virus, albeit with precautions. MAYFAIR, therefore, has come up with the concept of The New Normal – Redefining Luxury During Pandemic.

Roping in medical experts and top-notch consultants, we have revisited and completely revamped our Standard Operating Procedures in the wake of Coronavirus Pandemic to ensure that the safety and well-being of our guests, partners & associates remain at the heart of everything we do.

From disinfection of Cars – pre and post transfers, Thermal Screening of everyone entering our premises, contactless Check-In & Check-out, Sanitized key cards & pens, allotment of rooms after 24-hour cooling period, mandatory use of PPE kits by our team members, Hand Sanitization Stations at regular intervals, Sanitization of all supplies entering our premises to ensuring social distancing norms across all our resorts including at our restaurants, banquet halls & meeting rooms, we have enforced very stringent precautionary measures of the highest standards to ensure a thorough safety of our guests, partners & associates.
Particular emphasis has been given to the cleanliness of the public areas which are being disinfected thrice a day using sodium hypochlorite solution. Similarly, all common touchpoints in public areas like door handles, railings, tabletop, and elevator buttons are being sanitized every two hours.

In addition to these measures, we have constituted a dedicated Hygiene Task Force which has been mandated to ensure the effective implementation of precautionary measures, monitor the COVID-19 updates by the Health authorities and accordingly ensuring complete compliance to the directives/advisories issued from time to time and also to solicit guest’s feedback on how can we further fortify our efforts to their satisfaction.

In sum, this New Normal approach incorporates the global best practices on safety and hygiene drawn from the recommendations of eminent health experts to prevent any transmission of the virus and is designed to keep everyone safe & healthy. It endeavors to redefine luxury to reassure our guests with a re-strengthened commitment that a stay at MAYFAIR is as safe, secure, and luxurious as it used to be.