Temporary bridge washed away in Kalyan Singhpur: Admn swings into action

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: A temporary bridge on river Kalyani in K Singhpur block got washed away due to rains in the Niyamagiri Hills range. Though the rains in other parts of Rayagada district is scanty, Niyamagiri hills, being the highest mountain range of Rayagada, has got incessant rains due to low pressure on last Friday causing a flash flood in Kalyani.

During the year 2017, the permanent bridge connecting Parsali gram panchayat, which is dominated by the Primarily Vulnerable Tribal Group(PVTG) Dangaria Kandhas, and other four GPs was swept away due to torrential rains and a severe flood marooning several villages. Since then the district administration has been putting up temporary bridge on river Kalyani. This has been a woe for around twenty thousand inhabitants including school students, pregnant women coming to Health Centres at K Singhpur, who remain almost cut off during rains.

Every year rain comes and the torrential Kalyani river plays havoc by sweeping away the temporary bridge. According to Sri Pradip Mandal, Executive Engineer, RD, Rayagada, a tender has been floated and the work will start soon for a better bridge of permanent nature. Sri Anup Panda, BDO, K Singhpur, informed that no village had been marooned and a boat and safety jackets had been provided immediately with a trained boatman to ferry the people in the river. The district administration is alert for any untoward incident.

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