Tata Steel celebrates its 115th Foundation Day


Mumbai : Tata Steel today celebrated its 115th Foundation Day. 114 years ago, this day marked the birth of Tata Steel at the height of the Swadeshi movement in India. August 26, 1907, signifies the genesis of Industrial India with Tata Iron & Steel Company being registered in the country.

The journey to make India a steel making nation and shape the future of a self-reliant economy was a vision of the founder JN Tata and was brought to life by the pioneering endeavours of Sir Dorabji Tata. A total seed capital of ₹ 2,31,75,000 was raised within 3 weeks & by 1912, India was a steelmaking nation.

Tata Steel has come a long way since its inception and has successfully navigated through the ebbs and flows of wars, pandemics, and business cycles, which have only strengthened its resolve and resilience. The Company is taking strides to be future-ready structurally, financially, and culturally.

Today, as India takes confident strides towards economic ‘self-reliance’, the Company remains committed to move forward on its intertwined growth journey.

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