Swara Samarpan Hosts International Digital Jagannath Jagaran

New Delhi: Puri witnessed the first ever International Shri Jagannath Jagaran Puja and World Peace Yagnya recently. Delhi based front ranking Cultural Organisation “Swara Samarpan” hosted the grand religious Jamboree both on online and offline basis. The Head Priest of Shri Jagannath Temple Mahanayak Rama Chandra Badapanda Samant presided over both the Puja rituals and Mahayagna. The main motto of the massive exercise is to invoke the Lord of the Universe to protect the mankind from the danger and devastation caused by Corona Pandemic and to bless each human being with physical and mental safety, security, sagacity and eternity. Addressing the gathering the Badapanda Shri Samant appealed to the devotees to spread the quint essence of the cult and culture of the Lord of the Universe to the nook and corner of the world through Shri Jagannath Jagaran Puja. Attending the Ceremony as Guest of Honour famous religious leader Gourishankar Singhari explained that Lord Jagannath is omnipresent. His grandeur is widespread and His miracle is felt everywhere. Delivering his welcome address the main Organiser, renowned vocalist and Founder of Swara Samarpan Acharya Abhimanyu informed that the Jagannath temples across the Globe will be inter – connected through video Conferencing system during this Jagannath Jagaran Jatra. The Purpose of the Jagaran Puja is to project, Promote and popularise the age old and unique worshipping verses of the Lord among the devotees in different States of India and all over the World in their local languages. Shri Acharya recommended the recital of Jagannath Jagaran Puja during auspicious occasions like home entry, birth anniversary, childrens’ naming, sacred thread and wedding ceremonies. It is worth mentioned here that originally conceptualised, choreographed and presented by Acharya Abhimanyu in the year 2016, Shri Jagannath Jagaran Puja received wide appreciation among the spiritual circle.. Shri Acharya gave a clarion call to worldwide Lord Jagannath’s worshippers to extend helping hands for the success of this spiritual venture. Held at the historical Shri Jagannath Ballav Math the grand Event was attended by dignitaries like priests, saints, Researchers, preachers, thought leaders and religious Gurus. The inaugural function was successfully conducted with the active and able supervision of senior organisers like Damayanti Nayak, Kishore Chandra Jena and Harsh kumar Gupta.