#SwapnapatiFoundation in association with #MyCityLinks organised #HerbalHoli

Bhubaneswar: Holi is also known as the festival of colours in India. It is also referred to as the festival of love and compassion. Celebrations are typically marked by the splashing of colours on family and friends. It is a spring festival and perhaps the happiest and most colourful religious festival of the Hindus. It is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra. It makes the beginning of the spring. The beauty of nature makes this festival colourful.
Traditionally, spring flowers were used as a source of colours for Holi, but with time artificial colours have replaced these natural ingredients. But now people are more concern about their skin, are willing to have a safe and herbal Holi by using Herbal and natural colours rather than the chemical forms colours. Swapnapati Foundation has been organising the “Herbal Holi” for 5 years continuously. This time MyCityLinks, a fortnightly magazine has been in association with Swapna Pati Foundation for its 6th Venture. With spreading the awareness about the harmful effects of the chemical and synthetic colours. They are using Turmeric powder, sandalwood paste, Multani Mitti and tomato paste instead of industrial chemicals such as lead oxide for black, copper sulphate and malachite green for green, mercury sulphate for red etc. to celebrate the holy in a unique way by eliminating the harshness of synthetic colours.
Swapna Pati , founder of Swapnapati Foundation says “During Holi, many people confine and even lock themselves at home, in order to run away from the scourge of synthetic colours. Most holi colours available in the market contain oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil, which are dangerous for the skin. These chemicals can cause allergy, temporary blindness, renal failure, skin cancer and even paralysis. The dangerous side-effects of holi colours can ruin the spirit of the festival. So, by using safe, natural colours we not only save our skins but also help to save our environment and conserve our biodiversity. We are using organic colour like Turmeric colour, Sandalwood paste even different flowers which are harmless for eyes and skin.”
Satyabrat Sanu Ratho, Editor of MyCityLinks says” I am happy that we have joined hands with Swapna pati foundation for this Nobel cause. Avoiding the harmful chemicals which affects the skin is very important. Herbal Holi is a very good initiative and we are happy to be part of it”

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