Surviving The Pandemic: With Lessons, Obstructions And Healing


Shrey Siddharth

The global pandemic might have been the most cruel experience for whole mankind in this century. To say the least, shutting down of global markets, offices closed, lack of necessary resources, life losses, were some of the few alarming consequences. Job losses and lack of opportunities add to it. But for those who made the best utilization of this period, it turned out to be a massive paradigm shift that gave way to a new possibility in life. The pandemic forced every individual to switch into the survival mode, which may not have gone well for everyone in the initial days of lockdown, but eventually worked out pretty fine. A small change in lifestyle and habits helped for the greater good. Out of these few changes we’ll be listing down five of the biggest ones.

1. Focus on good health and hygiene habits.
In order to have the best of immunity to fight the virus, good health and hygiene became the biggest priority. Use of masks, handwashes and sanitizers, social distancing, maintaining cleanliness all around and safe environment became a regular fixture. Apart from that, the pandemic caused a significant change of eating habits. Due to difficult access to fast food and restaurants, people resorted to homemade food and maintained a healthy diet. Social media was a witness to a lot of challenges pertaining to delicious homemade dishes that turned into a trend gradually. If seeing people in masks on the streets was the new normal, then having good quality homemade food on a daily basis turned into another as well.

2. Getting back to the long lost love.

The busy schedule and fast moving world kept people away to spend time on self development, interests and hobbies. In fact, a lot of time was wasted on stagnant traffics and crowds. But the pandemic made them stay home and eventually have more ‘me-time’ to follow their passion. It resulted in a way that people went back to doing their favorite indoor activities ranging from video games to movies and web series, cooking to reading and writing, from yoga to workout at home, from creating content to developing new skills. Some of these activities are going to help many very productively down the line to maximize opportunities and even create income source.

3. Quality time with family and friends.

It is often said that priceless are the gifts that come to us without a tag. Undeniably, family and friends come at the first place. During the lockdown, people got a chance to spend more time with their families and friends. Technology played a vital role to connect people who were distant. Therefore, the constant support of family and friends has helped an individual to have his well being during these tough times.

4. Homework to Work-from-Home

The advent of ‘work-from-home’ culture and online teaching has turned out to be the biggest productive revelation during this pandemic period. Work-from-home made it possible for professionals to work within the comfort of their premise, despite the initial struggles of internet connectivity and undisturbed workspace. It was even observed that working from home increased the productivity of employees across corporates. On the other hand, online teaching have helped in continuing the school curriculum without any disruption. Online teaching has helped teachers shift their paradigm from conventional classroom teaching to virtual classroom with a better accessibility to the new technology and it has given students a chance to experience learning in the most likeable way and a glimpse of how formal education is going to look in future.

5. Best use of Emergency funds.

A lot of people must have wondered why they save a few percentage of their income while handling their personal finances. They must understand that how important these emergency funds turned out when the regular income was obstructed. Therefore, emergency funds turned out to be one of the biggest lifelines to steady the expenses during the pandemic

The global pandemic taught us a lot of important lessons. But the one that stands on top is to be future ready. As the old saying goes, ” when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

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