Supreme Court’s Lifted the one kilometre ESZ around Chandaka-Dampara Sanctuary and Nandankana Sanctuary

**EDS: FILE PHOTO FOR AYODHYA CASE RELATED STORIES** New Delhi: A view of the Supreme Court in New Delhi, Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019. The Supreme Court on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, said parties to the Ram-Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid land dispute case can amicably resolve the matter through mediation if they want to and that it wants day-to-day hearings in the case to be concluded by October 18. (PTI Photo/Ravi Choudhary) (PTI9_18_2019_000063B) *** Local Caption ***

Bhubaneswar : Bringing a great relief to the Developers as well as the general public of Bhubaneswar, Supreme Court has lifted the restriction of one-kilometre eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) or No Construction Zone particularly for two sanctuaries of Bhubaneswar i.e., Nandankanan and Chandaka. Which the apex court has earlier given an order on dt 3.6.2022 of mandating eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of a minimum one km around National Park & Sanctuaries in the entire country. Now the developers and people who bought land in the mentioned area can start their construction work.

In its previous order the mandate of one km restriction is likely to make it tricky for the State government to ensure the same in Bhubaneswar which is home to two sanctuaries -Nandankanan and Chandaka.

A huge patch of Bhubaneswar City was coming under the ESZ fold preventing any new construction work in those parts. For the real estate sector, it came as a blockage as many projects are planned in the area of the State capital. So, keeping this in mind, Association For Odisha Real Estate Developers (AFORD), Fortune Infra Properties Pvt Ltd and Mahima Infracon Pvt Ltd filed an application for intervention and direction before the Hon’ble Supreme Court on dt 7.1.2023

While hearing the case of AFORD on dt 11.1 2023, Hon’ble Supreme Court observed that Chandaka and Nandankanan Sanctuary notification has already been published by MOEF before the Supreme Court restriction order. Hon’ble Supreme Court jury has clarified that since this notification has already been published before the Supreme Court’s ESZ restriction order, there will not be an additional 1 km ESZ restriction.

Commenting on the development, Devkant Patnaik, General Secretary of Association For Odisha Real Estate developers (AFORD) said, We pointed out the ESZ notifications for Chandaka-Dampara Sanctuary and Nandankanan Sanctuary were already issued and the ESZ boundaries had been demarcated and notified prior to the judgement on dt. 03.06.2022. On behalf of the real estate fraternity, I thank the apex court for the clarification as both the sanctuaries are adjacent to the Bhubaneswar city and is surrounded by urbanised area and it would have been impossible to implement the differently interpreted ESZ boundaries. This clarification is a huge relief not just for the developers but for the general public as well.

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