Superstition on cancer prevails: Odisha villagers boycott funeral of dead cancer patient


Report by Malaya Mohapatra; Keonjhar: Pradeep Kumar Behera, resident of Barodapal village in Keonjhar Sadar Block had to carry the dead body of his father after villagers refused to help him carry the corpse. Pradeep with the help of his brother tied the dead body to a bamboo stick and carried it to the funeral ground to perform the last rites. None of the villagers including near relatives even joined the last funeral rites.

Dushashan Behera (58) the father of Pradeep was suffering from cancer and was under treatment in Cuttack Medical since last few months. After he died on Thursday, his son brought his dead body to their village for the last rites. But since he was a cancer patient and some alleged that already there were maggots in the dead body mouth, all refused to even touch the body. Fearing that the decease would spread, Pradeep was advised to take away the body soon and he has to perform special rituals to get back his caste and community.