Sunabeda cops organised awareness drive to check the violence against women and girls.


Report by Nishapati Nayak, Sunabeda: Sunabeda Cops organised awareness drive to check the violence against women and girls at sashwati mahila Maha Sangh conference hall at Sunabeda-3.

The said programme started by lighting of lamp by Sri.Niranjan Behera(S.D.P.O) and Smt.sasmita Parida(IIC),Sri.Sambit Behera(IIC) semiliguda,Sri.Surya Prakash Naik(S.I),Sri.Santosh Kumar Patra(ASI) under Sunabeda and semiliguda police station.

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding violence against women, including how and why it occurs. We need to address these misconceptions to be successful in our responses to violence against women and their children.Violence against women does not mean only physical violence. It is much broader and includes sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. The National Plan targets two main types of violence against women – domestic and family violence, and sexual assault.The term violence against women means any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life; stated sasmita Behera(IIC)Sunabeda.

During his speech sri.Niranjan Behera(SDPO) Sunabeda p.s Stated that Acts of violence that occur between people who have, or have had, an intimate relationship;an ongoing pattern of behaviour aimed at controlling a partner through fear, for example by using behaviour which is violent and threatening. In most cases, the violent behaviour is part of a range of tactics to exercise power and control over women and their children, and can be both criminal and non-criminal; andthe threatening or violent behaviour can comprise of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse.Physical violence can include slaps, shoves, hits, punches, pushes, being thrown down stairs or across the room, kicking, twisting of arms, choking, and being burnt or stabbed.
Psychological and emotional abuse can include a range of controlling behaviours such as control of finances, isolation from family and friends, continual humiliation, threats against children or being threatened with injury or death.

Women plays important role in society”internal vigilance is the price of liberty”.At last requested to coordinate and support to make this drive success and directed IIC Sunabeda to conduct this type of drive in schools , colleges and private institutions.

Maximum gathering was observed by SoG groups,Jagruti Mahila Mahasangha members,saswati mahila Maha Sangh members in presence of advisor smt. Swarna Prabha patnaik,president smt.Lili Mohanty,smt.Tanuja Santa,smt.prabasi Jena,general secretary,smt.Anjali panda,general secretary and members were witnessed and gave their opinions to make the drive successful.

Programme was presided by Sri. Surya Prakash Naik(S.I) and vote of thanks by smt. Sasmita Parida, IIC ,Sunabeda police station.


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