Sudden decrease of general patients in all hospitals of Kendujhar district during National lockdown created concern

Report by Malaya Mohapatra; Kendujhar: A sudden decrease of patients in all hospitals of Kendujhar district during the National lockdown has created concern as to whether health services are still accessible to the common man during need. According to sources about 500 patients visit the Dist Head Quarters hospital normally and just after the lockdown for Carona virus this number has drastically decreased.

This overcrowded hospital suddenly has many vacant beds in wards while few patients are seen at the OPD. It is not the case of District hospital alone but all PHCs and CHCs have also noticed a sudden fall of patients number in their hospitals. In a malaria prone district which has high child mortality rate, MMR, most malnutrition cases, has the corona virus magically healed all other deceases! The halting of all public transport system, and strict action by police to keep people at home during the lock down can be the reason behind many serious patients unable to reach nearest hospital. The district health authorities claim to have put adequate ambulance service for patients but it seems the service has failed to shift the patients or the patients are not able to access this service.

Most of the medicine stores in the district are out of supply of various medicines. The cease of public transport has disrupted the supply chain of medicines to the stores. The entire Govt and Health department have focussed on Covid-19 for which normal treatment of other deceases is at stake. The blood banks are running out of stock and needs blood donors. If thousands of patients are forced to stay home without treatment and medicines, more people are likely to die if not from Covid-19. The District administration has begun a door to door survey of Corona suspected patients through health workers and Aganwadi workers and it is expected to bring the plight of many other decease suffering patients to the notice of the Health department.