Sudarsan Pattnaik created sand sculpture of 108 Shiva Linga on the occasion of #MahaShivaRatri

Puri: On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has created sand sculpture of 108 Shiva Linga with message “Pray for World peace” to set a new record at Puri beach of Odisha on Tuesday.

Today Sudarsan has created 108 sand Shiva lings with 5ft high Lord Shiva at Puri beach by taking eight hours. Each Shiva Linga are about two feet high. Students of his sand art institute joins hand with him to complete this sculpture. Tomorrow is Maha Shiva Ratri , pilgrims from different area came to Puri. We pray to Lord Shiva for World peace said Sudarsan.

So far Mr. Pattnaiuk has participated in more than 50 International sand art championships and won many prizes for the country. He always try to create awareness on different social issues through his sand art.