STROKE CLINIC inaugurated at AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A special Stroke Clinic was inaugurated at AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar on 2nd June’2018 under the auspices of Prof (Dr) R.N Sahoo, Senior Consultant in Neurology. Present on this occasion were Dr. (Lt. Col) Vivek Lal,Vice President, Unit Head and the entire Neurology team led by Dr.L.D Padhi, Senior Consultant in Neurology.
World Wide Stroke (Brain attack) is the commonest cause of mortality after coronary artery disease. It is the commonest cause of chronic disability. Life time risk of stroke after 55 years of age is one in 5 for women and 1 in 6 for men. More than 4/5ths of stroke occur in developing countries. Currently stroke incidence in India is much higher than western Industalized countries. Because of poor public awareness and lack of infrastructure most patients don’t get proper treatment. Early detection and treatment is necessary for better out-come. “Treatment of Basic stroke is available which can be treated thru Thrombolysis. AMRI Hospitals is completely equipped to treat Brain stroke with team of expert Neurologist & Neuro-Surgeons, said Dr. R N Sahoo, the renowned & retired Professor of Neurology.
“In AMRI Hospitals ,BBSR we have a dedicated stroke unit i.e an organised in Hospital facility that is entirely devoted to cause of patients with stroke. It is started by a multidisciplinary team with special knowledge in stroke care. We provide 24X7 support for stroke patient. We regularly thrombolize stroke cases in windon period (i.e with in 4.5 hrs of symptoms arrest) By this treatment there is possibility of even complete recovery.” Said Dr. L.D. Padhi and mentioned “We have a team of staffs including emergency physician, round the clock neurologist, well trained nursing staffs, neuro rehabilitation staff for stroke care at AMRI Bhubaneswar.”
AMRI Hospitals have most experienced Neuro surgeons to take care of stroke patients who require surgical interventions. AMRI have very well experienced Neuro radiologist supported by 12 slice, CT, most advanced 1.5 –MRI. Very shortly Hospital is planning for Neuro Intervention facilities for stroke patients beyond window period, i.e up to 24 hrs.

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