Stranded Pilgrims from Ganjam, Odisha Safely Evacuated from Badrinath


New Delhi: Upon receiving information from the Chief Minister’s Office around 9.00 A.M. about some stranded people from Odisha who had undertaken Yatra for Darshan of Badrinath Temple on 4th November, 2018, office of Chief Resident Commissioner (CRC) immediately activated control room for monitoring the situation and taking necessary action.
This office immediately contacted Additional Resident Commissioner of Uttarakhand and asked her to take needful action and also informed the authorities concerned for safe evacuation from Badrinath and movement to their place of stay (Pipalkoti). They were accommodated in a Dharmasala at Badrinath. This office contacted SDM, Shri Y. Singh and requested to ensure safety and provide relief measures.
Situation was continuously monitored from control room of CRC office which also contacted the stranded persons of Odisha and informed them that road opening party is continuously working to ensure that it is opened by noon. Later, discussions were held with SDM of the area who organized the food and ensured its service at Dharmasala. Necessary measures were taken by the concerned Uttarakhand District Administration to provide food, water, medicine (as requested by the Collector, Ganjam) and continued accommodation till clearance of the road and departure by bus. They have arrived safely at the place of their stay at Pipalkoti, which is around two hours from Badrinath.