Star Bharat presents a tale of betrayal and reprisal, a revenge thriller ‘Ayushaman Bhava’

New Delhi: The most beautiful essence of childhood is innocence. It is this quality that unveils the perfect imagery of pristine purity, peace and God within. But, what if this innocence is maligned by memories of past life, memories of being wronged? Bringing this first of its kind revenge drama on Indian Television, Star Bharat(rebranded), is all set to launch Ayushaman Bhava—the story of an eight year old boy avenging his foes for their wrong doings in his past birth. Produced by White Horse International, the show will premiere on 28th Aug, every Monday to Friday at 9.30 PM
Set against the backdrop of Mathura, the show depicts the story of Krish, a boy next door who, like children his age enjoys playing with toys and pulling naughty pranks. His family and friends dote on him. But Krish’s innocent life takes a massive turn at the age of 8, when he starts getting flashbacks of some unfortunate events of his previous life. Disturbed by these visions, Krish ventures on a journey of unearthing the truth and seeking justice. Ayushaman Bhavawill witness the debut of child actor Reiky Patel as the lead. His previous projects include 3 acclaimed movies – Tubelight, Teen, and Meri PyaariBindu.
Anuraddha Sarin from White Horse International says, Ayushaman Bhava is a unique story of an eight year old kid with the brain of 25 year old genius on the path of revenge in an epic battle between good vs evil. The show is a high impact drama series unlike any other that you have seen so far on Indian television with a message that “one cannot escape his fate because soul is deathless.”
The show brings together an ensemble cast that includes names like AvinashSachdev as Avinash Dubey, Megha Gupta as Samaira, Manish Goel as Vikrant Khanna, and Savita Prabhune as Kaushalya Dubey amongst others in key roles.
The show will be promoted extensively across TV, print, and digital medium. Promos will be played across the network. The show will also be promoted on digital platforms and through print ads.

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