Sri Sri University is all set to host the maiden International Model UN from 7th -9th February 2020

Sri Sri University International Model UN has been a journey for students and participants who lay the foundation of the world we aspire to live in. The third edition of Sri Sri University International Model UN Conference will be hosted by the students of SSU from 7th to 9th of February, 2020.
A panel of distinguished guest speakers like Mr. Subrata Panigrahi, Director Institute of Quality and Environment Management Services and Ms. Kusum Mussadi, Secretary General West Bengal Federation of United Nations Associations will be gracing the conference on 7th February, 2020.

Shri Arun Kumar Sahoo, Honorouble Minister of Higher Education, Odisha will be joining almost 300 students from across the SAARC region to discuss and deliberate on some critical global issues which affect millions of civilians on 8th February, 2020.

The United Nations is a platform which gives a voice to each and every individual around the world and brings us in a state of truce from the war our hands have been bloodied of. After nearly 70 years of its establishment, the United Nations has reached to a standstill where the world has started to question its efficiency and its inability to bring the world together as it aimed to do.
SSU International Model UN is an effort to inform and aware of the youth of the actions by the United Nations and the International community by simulating the working of different bodies that function under the UN and bringing about a change at the grassroot level by having diverse social responsibility projects for skill development, cleanliness, health, hygiene, harmony and many child welfare initiatives contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

At SSU students strive to deliver a platform that will bring about a revolution in the Model UN sphere, so that it becomes the axis and plays the pivotal role which contains the capacity to unleash something big – a change for the betterment of the humanity unfettered by disturbances – for the people, by the people