Sri Sri University hosted former ISRO Chairman and Padmashri Mr. A.S. Kiran Kumar at the Global Leadership Series (GLS)

Cuttack: Sri Sri University hosted Padma Shri Dr. Aluru Seelin Kiran Kumar, an Indian Space Scientist & Former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and serving president of Aeronautical Society of India on 19th December in its campus. Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar delivered a Global Leadership series talk on the theme, ‘India in Space’ to the teaching, non-teaching faculty members and students of Sri Sri University.

He is credited with the development of key scientific instruments aboard the Chandrayaan-1 and Mangalyaan space crafts. In 2014, he was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award, for his contributions to the fields of science and technology. Dr. Kiran Kumar previously served as Director of Ahmedabad Space Applications Centre too.

He briefed about the space technologies and the advancements which have been going on in the Space Technology in India. He mentioned Dr. Vikram Sarabhai who pioneered in the Indian Space sector by using the technology to solve the challenges of the society. One of the example is to extend support to the fishermen with the satellite ‘Navic’ using 7 different satellites which cover India, helping the fishermen find better spots for fishing. He also mentioned the start to the huge broadcasting realm which was initiated with the help of American Satellite ATS-6 satellite in the year 1975-1976.

He also said that, “India uses different space technologies which are now able to monitor cloud formations every 15 minutes with the use of Visible, Infrared and wavelength technologies from satellites which monitor the clouds for any cyclone formation. This has helped in the prevention of super cyclones hence the prevention of loss of life.”

He mentioned, “Different satellites and technologies like Astrosat, India’s first multi-wavelength space telescope and navigation system ‘GAGAN’ which has become a compulsory feature for the Indian Air Force for strategic route planning of flight path and safe landing has helped develop the Space Technologies.”

Dr. Kiran Kumar has received many awards and honors, starting with the Indian Society of Remote Sensing Award, Vasvik Award, followed by the Astronautical Society of India Award. In 2019, France’s highest civilian award – Chevalier de l’Ordre national de la Lgion d’Honneur was given to him for his contribution to India-France space cooperation.

While highlighting the enormity of space and insignificant presence of human beings, Mr. Kumar also stressed that humans are the only capable species to make sense of the universe. He shared how scientists look at spirituality and why spirituality as an essence of life continues to guide scientific pursuits. He also shared how science-fictions have given new ideas to scientists to explore and develop new tools. Arguing strongly in favor of the role of science and technology for the benefit of society, he emphasized on the need to live sustainably and in harmony with nature.

After his key note address, Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, President, Sri Sri University interviewed the eminent scientist in the global leadership forum. In the interactive session, there were many leadership lessons for life. He reiterated how ISRO tried to solve the challenges of the society with the help of technology and our future generations should strive to do so. He emphasized on sustainable living and was happy to note that, Sri Sri University is doing the same. On a question to advise students and faculty members at Sri Sri University on the future of human society, Dr.Kiran Kumar stressed on the need to stop dissemination method of teaching and develop skills among students as the process of learning is more important than content of learning.

Prof Ajay Kumar Singh, Vice Chancellor, Sri Sri University delivered a welcome address and lauded his unparalleled achievements in Space Science. Prof Sanghamitra Mohanty, Senior Professor and Dean, Faculty of Science has offered vote of thanks. Dr Mitashree Tripathy was the master of the ceremony.

The global leadership series talk aimed at discussing the important contributions India has made in the aerospace and how India carries the baton of innovation in this sector.

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