Spiritual Academy comes forward to fill the gap in service during Covid-19 crisis

Bhubaneswar: Covid-19 has posed an unseen and unforeseen crisis before the whole world. The most developed and most powerful countries like the US, Germany, France,
UK have found the challenge very difficult to handle. India under the ablest leadership of our Prime Minister has faced this challenge bravely. Odisha Government and our Chief Minister are known worldwide for disaster management strategies. Odisha under the leadership of Nabin Babu has become a role model for the whole country in facing this crisis. Government of Odisha has teamed up with almost everybody in the society to implement actions to face this crisis. Many players are performing magnificent roles in different spheres to contribute to different needs of the people during this time of need. Still some critical voids are left which need attention. Swami Dibyananda, the founder of Spiritual Academy which imparts vedic education to young students and which brings a congregation
of more than nine thousand shalagram to Bhubaneswar found out such critical voids. Sri Jagannath Temple is the abode of a large number of simian varieties who used to depend on temple food and food from visiting devotees. After the temple got closed for the devotees, these poor animals remained unfed for weeks. There was a likely menace of these animals becoming aggressive out of hunger and invading the nearby houses for food. This would have created another bigger crisis in the holy peaceful town of Puri. The government administration would not have found it easy to handle such a law and order situation.

Swami Dibyanand and the devoted members of Spiritual Academy with the very cordial help of government authorities, district administration, police administration organised food for the inhabiting monkey families of Sri Jagannath Temple. This was later applauded profusely by the people of Puri and civil society members as a unique service by the Spiritual Academy to the people of Puri and to Lord Sri Jagannath. The members of Spiritual Academy were happy contributors to this great action.
Another important contribution of Spiritual Academy in recent days is feeding of about four hundred hungry destitute people from places outside Odisha camping near Bhubaneswar Railway Station. Some noble souls of Bhubaneswar informed Swami Dibyanand about a large number of hungry people camping near Bhubaneswar Railway Station. On inquiring, he came to know that these people belong to places outside Odisha and have lost their living because of the lock down. Some nearby good souls fed
them for a few days and then stopped because of lack of resources. These hapless hungry destitute people had nobody to fall back upon. On the call of Swami Dibyanand, the members of Spiritual Academy organised the bare minimum resources needed to cook food and serve these people.

Though its very difficult for the Spiritual Academy to organise the financial resources to feed a few hundred people everyday for a period not predictable as of now, still the Spiritual Academy is trying to do its best. The people who are fed include a large number of hungry children and a large number of mothers who were in a helpless state merely looking at their young kids crying of hunger. All these people are now thinking that God has come down to earth when they see hot delicious rice and dalma served to them on time everyday. Swami Dibyanand insists on the members of the Spiritual Academy to follow the SOP prescribed by Government of Odisha and repeatedly reminded by our Chief Minister from time to time. Swami Dibyanand and the committed members of the Spiritual Academy have deep trust in Bhagwan Vishnu that some way will open up in coming days to get the much needed funds which will enable them to continue to serve those in need like the simian families of Sri Jagannath
Temple and the destitute people camping in Bhubaneswar.