Škoda’s e-mobility offensive with 6 new electric vehicles by 2026

Mladá Boleslav – Škoda Auto is further stepping up the pace of its electric mobility campaign and transformation. Launching four all-new e-vehicles and two updated Enyaq family models, the Czech carmaker plans to expand its BEV range to six models by 2026. Škoda Auto will have invested a total of 5.6 billion euros in e-mobility by 2027. With the “Small” BEV in the small SUV segment, the “Compact” with its official name Elroq in the compact SUV segment, a spacious “Combi” estate model and a seven-seater SUV “Space”, Škoda will significantly expand and diversify its all-electric portfolio. Over the course of the transition phase to e-mobility, models with modern and highly efficient internal combustion engines and plug-in hybrid powertrains will continue to be a mainstay of Škoda’s model portfolio. With the new generations of the Superb and Kodiaq, the refreshed Octavia, Kamiq and Scala as well as the new BEV models, Škoda will soon offer the most diverse portfolio in its history: combining the best of both worlds and offering customers in different markets the right Škoda for every taste and requirement.


Klaus Zellmer, Chairman of the Board of Škoda Auto, says: “With six new all-electric models across all segments by 2026, Škoda Auto is moving even faster towards sustainable, electric individual mobility. Together with our new and highly efficient conventional and hybrid-powered models, we are offering the best of both worlds – meeting our existing and new customers’ needs around the globe in this time of transition.


Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, adds: “By 2026, our new battery-electric models will cover all vehicle segments that are relevant to our customers.  We’ll be providing customers with the means to explore the world in style – sustainably, safely and confidently with products that feature our new Modern Solid design.”

Accelerated e-campaign: A clear roadmap to e-mobility

Škoda Auto is fully committed to the shift towards electric mobility, with six new BEV models planned to be launched by 2026. The Enyaq iV and Enyaq Coupé iV were successfully launched in 2020 and 2022 as the first two Škoda models based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electrification Platform (MEB). Both models will be significantly updated in 2025 to reflect the new design language that will characterise all Škoda BEV models in future. Additionally, there will be four completely new battery-electric vehicles by 2026:

  • the “Small”, the future entry-level model in the A0 segment,
  • the “Compact”, an all-electric successor to the Karoq compact SUV, officially called Elroq,
  • the “Combi”, carrying on Škoda’s successful estate tradition, and
  • the “Space”, the production version of the 7-seater concept car presented in August 2022, will round off upper end of the portfolio.

The Combi, the brand’s first BEV with estate body style, is a great addition to the portfolio. It embodies the brand’s core values and transports the strengths of this popular body style into the era of electric mobility. All BEV models will feature the distinctive Modern Solid design language, which underscores the characteristics that define the brand’s DNA: robustness, functionality and authenticity.


Advanced ICE and PHEV models will continue to be an important mainstay

Vehicles with advanced and efficient internal combustion engines (ICE) and plug-in hybrid powertrains (PHEV) will continue to be an important mainstay of the company’s model portfolio during the transition to all-electric mobility. They fulfil the needs of customers as markets transition to e-mobility at different speeds. For Škoda, the focus is always on customer requirements across all markets. Over the coming years, the company will therefore offer a wide range of affordable models that answer their respective customers’ individual mobility needs – with an electric, conventional or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

E-mobility: Electrifying six-pack by 2026


  • Škoda Auto is accelerating the expansion of its BEV portfolio, which will grow to six models by 2026
  • The Enyaq family, due to be updated in 2025, will be complemented by cars with the working titles “Small”, “Compact”, “Combi” and “Space”
  • Elroq will be the official name for the “Compact” car
  • Škoda Auto to offer the broadest model range in its history


Mladá Boleslav, 25 April 2023 – Škoda Auto is accelerating its e-campaign and will grow its BEV line-up to a total of six models by 2026. The Czech brand will have a particularly diverse electric portfolio in four years’ time, offering the right vehicle for every customer. In addition to the Škoda Enyaq and the Enyaq Coupé, due to be updated in 2025 in line with the new Modern Solid design language, Škoda is planning to introduce four new all‑electric vehicles: a “Small” as an entry-level electric SUV, a “Compact”, which will officially be called Elroq, a “Combi” estate model and a “Space”, the production version of the Vision 7S concept. Škoda Auto will have invested a total of 5.6 billion euros in e-mobility by 2027.


Wide range of electric vehicles, from “Small” to “Space”

In 2024, the first upcoming BEV vehicle will be the “Compact”, which will officially be called Elroq. Measuring around 4.50 metres in length and boasting a similar combination of compact dimensions and a spacious, very practical interior, the Elroq will be the all-electric successor to the Škoda Karoq. It will further expand the Czech brand’s model portfolio in the SUV segment.

The future entry-level model will bear the working title “Small”. It will be a sub-compact car priced around 25,000 euros, that will make electric mobility affordable. The model will be produced at a Volkswagen Group Plant in Spain and introduced in 2025. At around 4.10 metres in length, it will offer a similar luggage capacity as the Scala.

In 2025, the Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé will receive a comprehensive update and adopt the new Modern Solid design language first showcased on the Vision 7S. The Enyaq iV models were the first Škoda vehicles to be based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electrification Platform (MEB) and as such have been emblematic of the brand’s new era of electric mobility since 2020 (Enyaq Coupé since 2022).

The “Combi” will play a key role among the four new models. This approximately 4.70‑metre-long model will be the brand’s first all-electric estate car, taking the strengths of this particularly popular and successful Škoda body style into the electric age. The “Combi” estate BEV will be introduced in 2026.

The largest of Škoda’s future BEVs will be the “Space” – the production version of the Vision 7S concept It will be around 4.90 metres long and round off upper end of the portfolio.

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