Sirio Berati is officially planning to visit India this year, and the news got his fans excited!


As many of you might now, Sirio Berati, the 19 years-old surreal digital artist who has gone viral in India, got everyone excited with his latest update on instagram. No, it’s not another ethereal photo manipulation.

Sirio announced earlier today through a insta story that he will visit Indian later this year. We still don’t know when or why, but sources confirm that there would be fan and photographer meet ups.

If you don’t know him already, Sirio is a digital/visual artist who turns regular pictures into dreamy-like philosophical manipulations, as his figurative work involve magic, butterflies or fire and other juxtaposed realities. His latest work, for example, asks questions about heavens and hell.

“This piece was inspired by Lucifer, the Netflix series.” Sirio says on his Instagram post. This manipulation aims to question Hell and how it might differently be portrayed. Here, Eve is supposed to be in Hell, but because hell might be heaven to sinners, the surroundings feels so to her as well. Here hell is a deceptions. It takes the shape of what you want it to be or feel. It generally looks like heaven, but the ground in flames beneath Eve suggest that it is not, and the setting in which she is placed is actually hell.¬†Hell is ‘disguised’ as heavens trapping sinners into believing they rest there.”