SIDBI organizing E-Udyam Sangyan for Micro and Small Enterprises aiming to enhance their capability and open new horizons for growth

New Delhi: Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), the principal financial institution engaged in the promotion, financing and development of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), is organizing E- UdyamSangyan (webinar) for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs). The webinars are designed to inform them about new age digital platforms of Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS), Government e-Marketplace (GeM) along with exposure session from representatives of medium and large enterprises on domain knowledge, corporate governance, good practices, how to raise performance bar etc.

Shri V. Satya Venkata Rao, Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of SIDBI said, “Realising the need for existing enterprises to step up their dreams by imbibing good practices ,UdyamSangyan has been started by us as one of the key initiatives under umbrella Mission SwavalambanUnder UdyamSangyan series.Through cross learning exposures, we have been encouragingand motivating MSE to raise the bar and think big. During these challenging times it becomes much more important for MSMEs to gain from these learning sessions.”

COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a fundamental changein the way business are carried out and electronic platforms shall define the future business prospects. Handholding the MSEs to new age platforms in FY21, beginning February 18, 2021, SIDBIhas targeted 18 E-UdyamSangyan across the nation through its regional offices viz. Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Guwahati. 11 such webinars have already been concluded, and rest are underway.In each of these webinars MSEs are participating in goodnumbers and giving positive feedback about its benefits.

SIDBI has woven its promotional engagements on four pillars :-SAMPARK – “Connect” the aspirations for inspirational journey, ; SAMWAD – “Dialogue” to strengthen relationship among various stakeholders; SURAKSHA – enabling security network around enterprises and SAMPRESHAN – “Constructive Engagements” with Policy Makers and MSE entrepreneurs. Since FY19 bank hasorganized 50 exposure visits for MSEs wherein over 1,200 MSEs have participated. In these visits MSEs have gained knowledge about good practices followed by medium and large-scale enterprises in their respective sector and have aligned /attuned themselves to expectations of medium and large enterprises. The visits covered varied domains from handloom manufacturing hubs, textile industries, heavy engineering, general engineering, light engineering, auto manufacturers to infrastructure projects. In light ofCOVID-19 challenges, SIDBI has customized these into E-UdyamSangyan.