Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri to remain open entire December 25 night

Puri: As a partial solar eclipse will occur across the country on December 26, ‘Paka Nisedh’ (no cooking of foods) will begin from 8.20 pm on the Christmas Day on December 25. As per Hindu almanac, people are advised not to consume food during Paka Nisedh, which will begin after 8.30 pm on December 25. They can take food after taking bath and purification of their houses with holy water following completion of the solar eclipse.

Meanwhile, at a Chhatisa Nojag meeting, servitors of the Shree Jagannath Temple, has Puri decided to keep the temple open whole night on December 25 due to the eclipse. Though daily rituals at the temple would be suspended after 8.30 pm, devotees can have darshan of the deities throughout the night on December 25. Rituals would resume at 8.20 am on December 26.