Shree Jagannath Temple Administration to install 12 hundies on chariot for donation during Ratha Yatra

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has imposed restriction on collection of offerings and donations by servitors from devotees during the Ratha Yatra in Odisha’s Puri this year slated for July 14. Four hundis each would be put up on the three chariots of the Lords and six more inside the Gundicha temple.

This was informed by the SJITA chief administrator Pradipta Mohapatra. said the temple administration has decided to debar the servitors from accepting any form of donation from the devotees during Rath Yatra, following the directive of the Supreme Court.

The temple administration had issued public notice requesting the devotees not to give donation to the servitors in the temple. The servitors were also warned of action for violating order of the apex court.