Sheer determination is the key to attaining success in any endeavor says Odisha Governor

Bhubaneswar: The 21st century will be remembered for the rapid changes in technology be it communication, information, biotechnology or space, every bit has changed the lives of so many people. In fact, such has been the speed of development of new products, deices and gadgets that it is often easy to become ambivalent about technological advance. However, some inventions are of such life-changing significance that they make everyone sit up and take notice, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir.
Delivering convocation address at the 1st convocation of Xavier School of Commerce, Xavier University, Governor said, it is for the Management Professionals to understand the complexities of incorporating new technologies into their organizations to improve internal efficiency and serve customers better. They are to find out ways for gaining competitive advantage through the effective management of e-business and the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies for e-business.
Technology itself cannot create a competitive advantage. Creating a competitive advantage begins with effective management. The management begins with managing knowledge and skills. For many modern organizations competitive advantage stems from the ability of managers to communicate a vision and build a positive organization culture based around knowledge and learning. The development of the internet and other information technologies has placed extra demands on managers who are entrusted with the task of deciding what technology is appropriate for their organization, linking it to the skills of workers, and bringing it all together to help achieve the goal, Governor added.
Governor urged upon all from the management to faculties and students to aim and endeavour to make this institute stand out in the global arena as a centre of excellence in the field of study of commerce.
Sheer determination is the key to attaining success in any endeavour. There will be times when things just won’t go your way but that does not mean you will just sit back and give up. Rather be determined and focused and you will surely obtain your objective no matter what the obstacles are, Governor advised.
The convocation ceremony commenced with a welcome note by Fr. E.A. Augustine, S.J. Registrar, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. Prof P.K. Mohanty presented the dean’s Report. Dr. Sanghamitra Mohanty, Member of Board of Governors of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar and XIMB and Dr. Prof. Fr. Paul Fernandes, S.J., the Vice Chancellor also addressed the graduates.
The top rank holders across schools were presented with Gold Medals by Dr. S.C. Jamir.
Governor inaugurated new solar plant and University’s Centre for Urban Management and Governance on the occasion.