Shanti Memorial Hospital Launches Advanced Cath Lab

Cuttack: Shanti Memorial Hospital, leading healthcare service provider of Odisha has launched a State–of-the-art Cath Lab by the Department of. The department is now fully equipped to handle all critical cardiac cases with total expertise.
Procedures like Coronary Angiography, Peripheral Angiography, PTCA, BMV ( Balloon Mitral Valvoplasty), Electrophysiology Study, RFA 2D & 3D Mapping, Permanent Pacemaker Implantation etc can be conducted with ease at the newly launched advanced Cath Lab.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Sreejoy Patnaik, Chief Surgeon & CMD, Shanti Memorial Hospital said, “An advanced Cath Lab with all modern facilities has been a long felt need by the people of Cuttack. The number of such Cath Labs is very few in the city and patients have to travel all the way to Bhubaneswar to avail treatment. Even in Govt Hospitals, there is always a long queue at Cath Labs, making it difficult for the people from my city to get the right treatment at the right time. Hence it gives me immense pleasure to present to the people of Cuttack; this advanced Cath Lab, at Shanti Memorial Hospital”
“As a cardiologist, I know the importance of timely intervention for heart patients. When a person has a heart attack the first 60 minutes are decisive. The heart muscles start dying if they have no blood supply in the first 80-90 minutes. Therefore, depending on the degree of damage, doctors can opt for medical management, stent placement, or bypass surgery to re-establish the normal blood flow as soon as possible. The earlier a patient receives a thrombolytic (or reperfusion) treatment after a heart attack, the higher the chance that they will survive and have less heart damage. Hence getting an advanced Cath Lab here for our patients from Cuttack and it’s periphery, would definitely be life saving in many future cases to come.” Said by Dr Priyadarsi Tripathy, consultant Cardiologist, Shanti Memorial Hospital.
Other dignitaries present at the occasion are Prof J.P. Das , renowned cardiologist Dr Sreejoy Patnaik, Chief Surgeon and CMD, Santi Memorial Hospital, Dr Priyadarshi Tripathi, Consultant Cardiologist, Santi Memorial Hospital, Dr C. R Das, Medical Director, Shanti Memorial Hospital, Mrutyunjoy Behera, Retd Professor, HoD, Cardiology Department, SCB MCH, Dr Rekha Das, Director, Shanti Memorial Hospital and Mr S J Bagchi, Member Management Committee, Shanti Memorial Hospital.

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