How to select the best resort for a corporate team outing?

Employees are the greatest assets for any organization and it is extremely important to keep them motivated for better output and efficiency. Better team bonding amongst employees is another factor that leads to improved productivity for the company.

A good way to increase employee motivation and encourage teams to build a better bond is to organize a corporate team outing. In fact, most professional companies organize team outings on a regular basis and it is one of the KRAs of the Human resources department.

A corporate team outing provides employees of different departments an opportunity to know each other better. Since the setting is more relaxed, it facilitates better communication and improves the relationship between colleagues. It is imperative for companies to conduct corporate team outings to boost employee morale and team bonding.

Selecting a resort for a corporate team outing can be a complicated task depending on the expectations of your management and participating employees. We have compiled a list of a few critical factors that should be considered when choosing a resort for a corporate team outing.

Prime objective: Are you organizing a corporate team outing for plenty of team-based activities or just for employee relaxation and leisure? Is it for your annual review and rewards or celebration of recent project success? Your team outing could have a specific objective or a combination of these. According to your need, you need to analyze the facilities at the resort and pick the suitable one.

Location and distance: It is always great to have a corporate team outing away from the mad rush of the city but at the same time it should not be too far, else substantial time would be consumed in commuting.  You may talk to all the stakeholders to know their preferences and how far they are willing to travel.

Type of resort: There are different types of resorts like beach resorts, mountain resorts, yoga retreats, adventure resorts, camping resorts, fort palace resorts and more.  Talk to your employees, give them options and look out for resorts that generate excitement. If the resort is dull and uninspiring, the entire event could go for a toss.

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Resort facilities: Depending on your requirements, check the facilities available at the resort. Some of the facilities worth looking are

  1. a) Business center, conference room
  2. b) Board room
  3. c) Wifi facilities
  4. d) Open area for games
  5. e) Inhouse games available
  6. f) Room services
  7. g) Restaurant, Food menu options
  8. h) Doctor on call facility

If you are looking for resorts in Bangalore for a team outing, check out The Discovery Village resorts in Kanakpura. The resort offers all the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay. They have trained staff to manage adventure activities. With expert staff overseeing all major activities, this resort is a great choice for a corporate team outing. You can choose from a plethora of activities like camping, nature trails and wildlife safari.

Budget: Planning your options as per the budget is one of the most important things to do. There are corporate packages available at many resorts so make sure you take a look at the complete package when analyzing the value of a particular deal. Negotiate hard and don’t be afraid to ask for more discounts. Take into account extra or contingency expenses that can occur.

Check resort reviews: Once you have shortlisted 2-3 resorts as per your need, do a thorough check of their reviews and ratings. Make sure that the reviews that you are checking online are genuine. You may also ask the resort to give you references of their past customers who had similar outings at their resorts. All this will help you substantiate the claims of the resort with their actual delivery. Discovery Hills resort in Nandi Hills, Bangalore is one such resort that has consistently achieved great customer reviews.

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While the success of your corporate team outing depends a lot on planning and choosing the right facility,  it is also affected by how you plan their entire schedule, games and ensure participation.   There are many resorts in and around Bangalore that showcase themselves as great places for team building activities and corporate outings. It is essential to first research well and finds out the credibility and about the activities possible at the resort.

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