Saroj Kumar Samal, Jharsuguda DM & Collector, inaugurates Vedanta Mini Science Center

Jharsuguda: Saroj Kumar Samal, District Magistrate & Collector – Jharsuguda, inaugurated Vedanta Mini Science Centre at Town High School, Mangal Bazaar, flagging off the project in presence of Head Master Shri. Hemant Kumar Tripathi, Vedanta CSR team, eminent members of Jharsuguda citizenry, students and staff of the host school. The project is live in five govt. schools of Jharsuguda, Govt. High School (Puruna Basti), Debadihi High School, P.S. Govt. High School (Kolabira), Bapuji Nodal High School (Sripura) and at Town High School (Mangal Bazaar), covering more than 1300 students in its ambit.

Developed in partnership with STEM Learning, a specialist in the field of education interventions, the Vedanta Mini Science Centers house innovative models, experiments and instruments to enhance aptitude and skills of students in learning science and mathematics in effective and interesting ways. The project was conceived with the aim to lessen the gap between contextual and rote-based learning, and replace it with a practical approach, which will equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to get lucrative opportunities in their fields of interest. In each of the five centers, students have been provided with 75 models of scientific learning that are aligned with the school curriculum (Odisha State Board).

Speaking on the occasion Shri. Saroj Kumar Samal, District Magistrate & Collector – Jharsuguda, said, “The Mini Science Center is a welcome move by Vedanta. It will help students will experience interesting usage of practical models and develop a hands-on approach to implementation of science and mathematics through effective understanding of concepts. This will help give them a holistic understanding of the world that extends beyond classroom knowledge.”

Mr. CN Singh, CEO – Vedanta Ltd. Jharsuguda said, “Scientific temper when carefully nurtured during students’ crucial learning stage, can provide unparalleled impetus to their understanding of the world. As an aspiring 5 trillion-dollar economy, the country needs bright and talented youngsters to drive innovation and practical sustainable solutions to the various needs of the country. To that end, strong academic support at grassroots level is imperative and Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda is proud to play its part in shaping the country’s future.”

Eminent social worker and school alumni, Shri. Tapas Roy Chowdhury noted that the Town High School is an old establishment in the district, strongly rooted in the region’s history, and in dire need of good infrastructure for the students. He added, “We are grateful to Vedanta for taking up this project in schools like these and hope that the project will benefit many students in the years to come.”

Shri. Hemant Kumar Tripathi, Head Master – Town High School, said, “Vedanta Mini Science Centers are a welcome addition to the academic rigor in the region. It will immensely help the students, giving them a chance to experience scientific learning which was earlier not possible in our school.”

The Vedanta Mini Science Centers are the latest addition to the company’s significant CSR footprint in the region spanning 72 nearby villages and benefiting more than 76000 people annually. It is the third project in Vedanta CSR’s education portfolio, the other two being Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana and the Vedanta Computer Literacy Program which strives to bridge the digital divide in rural margins of the district, both of which have benefited over 5000 students by now.