Santi-Sanhati-Sadbhabana Padayatra reached at Paralakhemundi

Report by Bhagabat Padhi, Paralakhemundi: Santi-Sanhati-Sadbhabana Padayatra reached at Paralakhemundi last afternoon with Disciples of Mahatma Gandhi Nisakar Das(97) & Krishna Mahanty d/o Malati Choudhry with other followers.Journey started from Mathili of Malkangiri on the way to Thakurbapa Ashram of Jajpur a harmony for reflecting Values & Principles of Mahatma Gandhi to fervour sanctity & tranquillity among people.On the eve of 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi they forecasted to reach above all violence, inequality among all religions & to reach at all unreach where poverty be the fillers to join mainstream development.Those days where for the sake of Freedom every Indian Dreamer under Britishers faced rust like gun & jail.

That still a stigmatize life before Independence.But after Independence still royalty among those Elected Representatives still intact than serving country.So their voices an ecstatic thrilling to change into smile society than vulnerability.Gender jinx too a blockade where Gender Equity turn towards Gender Violence.So accumulating every Rights of Women with Men will be the right answer for Good Governance.72 years of Independence still a lamenting phase where caste & color vis-a-vis like Africans still exist.Those Gandhian Legends requested to bid adieu all such hierarchy & appealed to build a Transformed Society.A street play “Achihna Saba” played by the Pedestrian Team highly accoladed by Paralakhemundians.Among others Dr.Biswajit Das,Manas Patnaik,Sudip Mishra from the Team participated.PCMahapatra,Gourachandra Panda,Binod Jena,Sisir Bhanjasamanta,Batakrushna Patra,Bharat Bhushan Mahanty organized successfully the campaign. Not the least a lesson for future dreamer students of Saraswati Sishu Mandir too enthralled on the campaign.

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