Sandy Valentine Day wishes by Sand Artist Manas Sahoo

Puri: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day Indian Sand Artist Manas Sahoo has built a sand sculpture on the sea-beach of Puri. He has come up and established a sand art called “Selfy Point’ with a different concept and innovative mindset at the sea-beach of Puri.

On the occasion of Valentine Day, Manas Sahoo who had established the first Sand Art Park in Puri is trying to give a different taste and experience. Now a different type of sand art with the name “Selfy Point” can be seen at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at the Light- House Sea-Beach Puri.

Like all foreign countries where there are sculptures in their respective name of the respective countries where people can go there and collect and preserve the memories of that place and that country, exactly in the same way, this is India’s first sand art where tourists, both inland and foreign, can come and accumulate the memories to cherish it for eternity. The artist has made the sand art “I LOVE INDIA” with the hope that tourists from India and from foreign countries and people from all sections can come and accumulate a beautiful experience with unforgettable memories to keep it for themselves forever. Manas Sahoo has build this sand art on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with the message of having everlasting love in the heart for our country. This art has completely been made with the European style which cannot be seen in any other part of India. Anyone who visits this Park can take a selfy near the sculpture and can keep a beautiful experience of the beach near him.

This sand art is of 17” feet in width and some 25 tonnes of sand is used to build it. To build this different kind of sand art it took Manas Sahoo and the students of his institute nearly 30 hours to complete.

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