Sand artist Manas Sahoo created sand art on the eve of International Women’s Day

Puri: On the eve of International Women’s Day, International Sand artist Manas Sahoo has made a sand art on the golden sea-beach of Puri, Odisha.

He has shown in his sand art that today women are ahead of others in all fields of life. Starting from the protection of the country to development of the society and in raising the nation, women are equal to men in helping and cooperating in all spheres. Women are taking steps with the men in protecting the nation as they are full of courage and valor.

International Sand artist Manas Sahoo has depicted the vibrant, courageous, brave, tolerant qualities of the highly modern woman at the Manas Sahoo’s Sand Art Park situated at the golden sea-beach of Puri on the occasion of International Women’s Day. This sand art is of 12 feet in height and 20 feet in width and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To create this sculpture it took Mr. Manas Sahoo and the students of his institute nearly sixteen hours to complete it.

Giving respect to women he has dedicated this sand art to all the women; and this sixth sand art of his is opened up to one and all.

Message behind this sand sculpture is “GIVE ME WINGS OF FREEDOM TO FLY HIGH”

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